Can I Integrate Existing Smoke Detectors w/ 2GIG Alarm?

Yes, The Encore Firefighter FF345 is a wireless audio module that can be used to remotely monitor your existing wired smoke detectors and is compatible with a 2GIG alarm control panel.

This Encore Firefighter FF345 acts like an ear and is designed to listen for the sound of a traditional ionization or photoelectric smoke detector. When it hears the alarm it will fault a programmed fire zone on your alarm system. The main purpose of this unit is to monitor your existing smoke detectors remotely, The Encore Firefighter is not a smoke detector nor a means of life safety.

Placement and orientation is very important. The module must be within 6 inches of a functional smoke detector. There are two tabs along the side of unit which give the microphone line of sight directly with the smoke detector. It uses a microphone similar to a glass break detector to pick up on the sound of an activated smoke detector. The sound will fault the zone and trip a fire alarm on any 2GIG alarm system.

Once the Encore Firefighter 345 is installed, program the device as a Fire Protection Zone. The Encore Firefighter FF345 should be programmed to loop 2 as a "Fire - Zone Type 09." This response type is designed to trigger a fire alarm after the Firefighter hears a smoke detector only one time. If false alarms are a concern, set the response type to, "Fire with verification." This will require the sensor to be tripped twice before issuing a fire alarm event to the panel. The equipment code is "0637" for 2GIG systems. Always test the smoke detectors and ensure the alarm panel picks up the fire alarm signal. Regular testing is recommended.

The Encore Firefighter operates on one 3VDC CR123A battery and has a battery life of up to 5 years.

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Your interconnected smokes should all trip. This is something you should have an electrician take a look at. Generally it is a discrete, series circuit back the electrical subpanel. This is high voltage so that is why I recommend an electrician. The FF345 will still work but but it won't know if the other smokes are tripped. You can always add in some wireless smoke detectors instead of using the FF345 if your wired smokes aren't interconnected.
I have an interconnected smoke system in my home. When I test only 2 work, can I still set up the FF and be within legal standards and policy?
I'm not sure what your question is but it doesn't seem relevant to this page. Can you please email if you have a question or need assistance?
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We have not tested that so we can't say for sure. We do have a return policy ( ) if you'd like to purchase an FF345 and see if it works though.
I have a couple of interconnected smoke alarms, but I also have a couple of NEST Protect alarms ("interconnected" amongt themselves). I have a 2Gg Go Control Panel as well. Any idea if this device, the firefighter, will work with the sounds the NEST protect devices make?

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