Can I Link Two Honeywell LYNX Systems Together?

No, you cannot link two Honeywell LYNX Systems together. It is impossible to pair one alarm system with another alarm system. However, you can add a secondary keypad if you want an additional on-site access point for controlling the system. The keypad to use is the Honeywell 5828 or 5828V.

Honeywell 5828 wireless fixed english alarm keypad

A common question we get about alarm systems is whether or not you can pair a panel with another panel. From an end user's perspective, it makes sense. In their mind, they would use the new panel as a secondary controller for the main panel. Unfortunately, this is not possible. A general rule of alarm systems is that you cannot pair a control panel with an existing system. If the user wants a second on-site access point, their best option is to add a second keypad.

A keypad is not a standalone alarm system. In other words, it cannot be used as a standalone device. It must be paired with an alarm system to provide any function. For a Honeywell LYNX System, there are two compatible keypads available. These are the Honeywell 5828 and the Honeywell 5828V Keypads. The 5828 and the 5828V are actually the same keypad, except for the fact that 5828V adds voice annunciation and more-advanced volume control. Both operate as bi-directional 345 MHz wireless devices, and both are configured using the system's RF house code. For more information on pairing a 5828 with a LYNX Touch, please check this FAQ.

Remember, you don't necessarily need a keypad to gain a second access point to a Honeywell LYNX System. You can also control the system using a key fob or by using the Total Connect 2.0 service. A key fob is a convenient device that can be easily carried in one's pocket or purse. It will allow you to arm, disarm and trigger a system panic with the push of a button. Meanwhile, Total Connect 2.0 is an interactive service platform that can be accessed from anywhere using the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. Many users forgo getting a new system keypad because they can easily use a fob or TC2 to operate their system instead.

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