Can I Program In Multiple Users On A VISTA 10P?

The Honeywell Vista 10P supports up to 16 user codes, 1 master code, 1 installer code and up to 14 additional codes.

The master code is used to perform all system functions. Only the master code can assign user codes.

Honeywell's factory default master code is 1234. The master code can be changed by using the current master code or the installer code. To change the master user code enter the existing 4 digit master code followed by the numbers 8 0 2 plus the new 4 digit master code twice - do this in a row without pausing (ex: 123480243214321).

In addition to the user code, a user is assigned a 2 digit user number. The master code user number is 02, the installer code is user 01. Remembering the 2 digit user number is very important to delete a user code.

Each user code can be assigned an authority level. The authority level defines system functions that the user can or cannot do. The master code does not have an authority level. Level 0 = standard level, users can arm and disarm the system. Level 1 = arm only - can arm the system but cannot disarm the system. Level 2 = guest - can arm the system but can only disarm if the system was armed using this code. Level 3 = duress code - when used the system will disarm normally but will send a silent signal to the central monitoring station informing them of a hostile situation and authorities will be contacted immediately.

Security code programming involves 3 steps. Choose a 2 digit user number, a 4 digit user code and assign an authority level to that user.

To add a user code, enter the 4 digit master code followed by the number 8, plus the 2 digit user number (any number from 03 - 17) plus the 4 digit user code (ex: 12348035678). The system will beep to confirm the user was added.

To assign an authority level - (user numbers 02 - 16 will automatically be assigned authority level 0 = standard level). Enter master code followed by the number 8, plus the 2 digit user number, the # sign plus the authority level (ex: 1234803#2).

To delete a user code, enter the master code, followed by the number 8, plus the 2 digit user number and the # and 0 (ex 1234803#0).

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