Can I setup a distress code on a honeywell 5100?

Yes, the Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch supports a duress user code. Entering this code is designed to inform a central station monitoring provider that the end user is under duress and being forced to disarm the system. Generally, when a duress code is used to disarm the alarm system the police will be dispatched immediately. Please confirm the protocol with your monitoring provider. In order to setup the duress code you will need to enter the master programming menu.

From the home page: Security > More > Tools > Enter Master Code (Default is 1234, Not the Installer code which is 4112 by default). Then click Users > Duress > Edit > User Code > Enter the 4-digit duress code > Done > Save.

The duress code has now been set on your L5100. This code should only be used in the event that an intruder is forcing you to disarm the system. When this code is entered into the system it does disarm the panel. However it is also simultaneously triggering a silent panic alarm to the central station. Again, most monitoring companies simply dispatch the police without any verification calls.

Besides the duress user code you can also setup a verbal duress code with most monitoring companies. We offer a verbal passcode and a verbal duress. The passcode is used when there has been a false alarm. The duress code is given to the operator when it is a true alarm and there is an intruder coercing you to give the operator the passcode.

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