Can I Turn off the Red Light in My Honeywell 5800PIR?

The 5800PIR will deactivate its red LED when it exits walk test mode, the test automatically starts when the sensor is powered on and will last for 10 minutes. The reason the LED lights up during the test is to give the user a visual confirmation that the sensor is picking up movement.

The walk test can be initiated again after it has expired, to do this the user will trigger the tamper on the sensor by removing the sensor cover. This walk test is referred to as the enrollment test, since the sensor will be powered on and tested before enrollment. The user can place the sensor back into test mode by triggering the flashlight feature. If a light is aimed at the sensor 3-5 times, within a 4 foot distance, the sensor will go back into the walk-test mode. This will expire after 10 minutes as well, but if the flashlight feature is activated during the walk test, the timer will restart. This feature is available for 24 hours after the sensor has been powered on, but it can be accessed again for 2 hours after the tamper of the sensor is triggered and the light passes the sensor again.

The red LED will never be on while the sensor is live. The sensor will function the same, the difference being that the LED will not give confirmation of detected movement. When the sensor is live, it will go into a sleep mode after it has been tripped, the sleep mode lasts 3 minutes. The purpose for this is to save battery life. Since this feature exists, that is why the walk test is used to verify the sensor is working. The user will not have to wait every 3 minutes to see if the sensor picks up movement.

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