Can I Use a Cellular Communicator on a VISTA 21iP?

The Honeywell VISTA-21IP is compatible with the Honeywell VISTA-GSM4G. The 21iP is a wired alarm system with integrated Ethernet and supports "dual path" with a cellular backup. The 21IP's cellular communicator mounts on its designated mounting area on the top right of the main system board.

The VISTA-21IP is unique in that it has an on board Ethernet communicator. The RJ-45 port on the top left of the panel allows the system to communicate out to the Honeywell AlarmNet server via IP. A WIFI extender with a LAN port can be used to accomplish a wireless connection back to your router. These are sold separately and should be recommended by your security company. Cellular redundancy is always recommended for VISTA owners looking for a more reliable solution.

Internet and cellular communications together are known as "dual path." The Internet is the primary path, but if it fails, the secondary cell path will take over. The top right portion of the board was made specifically to mount to the VISTA-GSM4G cellular communicator and the included blade antenna. On the top right area of the board, there is a serial connection that the VISTA-GSM4G connects to. The VISTA-GSM4G is only compatible with the VISTA-21IP, and is made for the VISTA-21IP system board. In the event that Internet is not available, the VISTA-GSM4G can be used as cellular only.

The VISTA-21IP is fully compatible with Honeywell’s remote services, Total Connect 2.0. A Honeywell dealer will need to enable Total Connect 2.0 for an end user. Typically, Total Connect 2.0 access is part of a paid monitoring plan or service. Some companies offer this service with no contract. The app is a cloud-based program which can be accessed through a desktop browser, or by the free downloadable apps available on Android and iOS platforms. Total Connect 2.0 grants users many remote control options, such as arming and disarming the system. Users can edit, update, and delete, and the most recent alarm system events and notifications can be viewed. If there are home automation devices installed on the system, such as a Z-Wave door lock, the automation devices can be activated and programmed remotely with Total Connect 2.0.

As discussed, the VISTA-21IP has integrated IP connectivity, and the VISTA-GSM4G provides a cellular connection, so there are very few reasons to purchase a separate external communicator like a iGSMV4G. One example of a situation where purchasing a separate communicator would be useful would be if there was an alarm system mounted in an area without a cellular signal. The external cellular communicators connect to the system via the ECP bus, and can be mounted remotely from the panel, where cell signal may be better.

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