Can I Use an LT-Cable w/ a DSC Impassa Alarm System?

Yes, you can use an LT-Cable with a DSC Impassa Alarm System. The Honeywell LT-Cable is a substitute for a standard 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. Using the LT-Cable will make it easier to get power to a DSC Impassa. By using the LT-Cable, you will not need to strip or splice any wires.

The DSC Impassa receives its primary power from an AC plug-in transformer. The system also has a backup battery that goes into effect when the electricity is lost. In most cases, an 18-gauge 2-conductor wire will connect the transformer and the panel. This type of wire can be purchased from nearly any hardware store. However, the wire will need to be stripped before it can be used. This is a very easy process for those who are accustomed to electrical work. But DIY users with little wiring experience may feel better using an already prepared wire, like the Honeywell LT-Cable.

For the installation, the Honeywell LT-Cable will replace the 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. The only tool that is needed when using a Honeywell LT-Cable is a screwdriver. This is needed for connecting the ends of the wire to the terminals. The ends of the LT-Cable come already prepared, and they are easy to connect to the terminals on both the panel and the transformer. The two portions of the LT-Cable meet via a male-female barrel connection. Overall, the cable is great for DIY users looking to install their own panel, and we highly recommend using it.

However, the one downside to the LT-Cable is that it is not readily available in most stores. Meanwhile, an 18-gauge 2-conductor wire can be obtained from almost any hardware store. But if you don't mind purchasing an LT-Cable online and waiting for it to arrive, it is the easier option. Users can conveniently purchase the LT-Cable from the Alarm Grid website.

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