Can I Use Door/Window Sensors with an Interlogix Simon XT?

Yes, you can use door and window sensors with an Interlogix Simon XT. The panel will support any wireless sensor that operates at a frequency of 319.5 MHz. This includes any sensor from GE/Interlogix and Qolsys. A wireless door and window sensor is learned in through system programming.

Door and window sensors must be learned-in with the Simon XT Panel through the System Programming Menu. The process for enrolling sensors with the system is very easy, and it can be completed by most end users. Complete the following steps to learn-in a door and window sensor with the Simon XT System:

1. Enter programming. With the Simon XT on its main screen, repeatedly press the down arrow until the option "System Programming" is displayed. Then press the "OK" button. You must then enter the system Installer Code. The default Installer Code for a Simon XT Alarm System is 4321. After entering the Installer Code, press the "OK" button. If the Installer Code was entered correctly, you will be taken into System Programming.

2. Enroll the sensor. From the System Programming Menu, repeatedly press the down arrow until the option "Sensors" is displayed. Then press the "OK" button. The system will display "Learn Sensors". Press the "OK" button. The message "Trip Sensor" will be displayed.

At this point, take the door and window sensor that you are attempting to enroll with the Simon XT System. Trip the sensor by removing its cover to activate its tamper switch.

If the panel recognizes the sensor, it will display a Sensor Number and a Group Number. This will indicate that the sensor has been enrolled.

3. Configure the sensor. The sensor must now be configured so that it operates with the system properly. First you will set the group number. The Group Number determines what type of response the system will perform when the sensor is activated. Use the up and down arrows or the numeric keypad to select the Group Number. Once you have chosen the appropriate Group Number, press the "OK" button. For more information on what each Group Number refers to, please see pages 8-10 of the Simon XT Installation Manual.

You must then choose a name for the sensor. The Simon XT has pre-programmed names in the system. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the list of names. Once you have found an appropriate name for the sensor, press the "OK" button.

4. Exit programming. Repeatedly press the "Status" button until you return to the main screen. This will exit programming and save your changes.

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