Can I Use More than One Keypad On a DSC Impassa?

Yes, you can use more than one keypad on a DSC Impassa. There are two wireless keypads that will work with the system. These are the DSC WT5500 2-Way Wireless Keypad and the DSC WTK5504 2-Way Wireless TouchPad Arming Station. Up to four wireless keypads can be used with a DSC Impassa.

Both the WT5500 and the WTK5504 will provide arming and disarming functions and access to basic level user programming. However, only WT5500 will provide support for advanced Installer level programming. But the benefit to using the WTK5504 is that it features a full-color touchscreen display. On the other hand, the WT5500 is just a plain, text-based external keypad.

Many people use external keypads with their alarm systems. They provide a secondary point of access to the system so that the user doesn't have to go across their entire property to arm or disarm their system. For example, a user might keep their main panel near the front door and a keypad near their basement entrance or back door. This way, they can quickly and easily arm or disarm their system no matter which entrance they use. Both the WT5500 and the WTF5504 are great for this purpose.

Enrolling an external keypad with the DSC Impassa is fairly easy. First, put the DSC Impassa into its wireless enrollment mode. To do this, enter in the command [*][8] [Installer Code] [898]. The default Installer Code is 5555. If the command was entered correctly, the system should display "Wireless Enrollment Mode". This indicates that a wireless device can be learned in. Then activate the keypad's enrollment function to learn it in. This is done by by pressing the [1] and [*] keys simultaneously on the WT5500 or by clicking the "Press to Enroll" button on the WTK5504. The message "Enrollment Successful" should be displayed to confirm enrollment.

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