Can I Use Total Connect with Phone Line Monitoring?

No, Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 is an internet based website and cannot be connected to via a phone line. A vast majority of consumers have done away with the traditional phone line selecting a more secure path of communication for an alarm system. Honeywell provides many options for communication for alarm systems which also are compatible for connecting to Total Connect 2.0.

Cell Communication - GSMVLP5-4G, compatible with the Lynx Touch L5200, Honeywell 4GL, compatible with the Lynx Touch L7000, GSMVLP4G, compatible with the Lynx Plus, GSMV4G, GSMX4G, and Honeywell Vista -GSM4G, compatible with Honeywell’s Vista series.

Internet Communication - 7847i, Honeywell’s Vista series internet communicator, Honeywell iLP5, Lynx Touch internet communicator.

Wifi Communication - L5100Wifi module, the Lynx Touch Series wifi communicator.

Dual Communication - iGSMV4G, iGSMHS4G, compatible for the Honeywell’s Vista series. For dual communication for the Lynx Touch series, simply select the compatible cell communicator and either the iLP5 or L5100Wifi module. Dual communication’s first path of communication is the internet connection followed by the cell communicator.

When a Honeywell alarm system is paired with either a cell communicator, internet communicator or dual communication will also provide connection with Total Connect 2.0. Total Connect 2.0 is an innovative way to control a Honeywell alarm system remotely from any computer, smartphone or ios device from anywhere in the world. A user will receive notifications on any alarm event via email and or text message. Total Connect 2.0 also provides remote control for home automation which can be integrated with a Honeywell alarm system. Control an alarm system, door locks, lights, thermostats, water valves, shades and more when connected to Total Connect 2.0.

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