Can I Use Total Connect 2.0 If I Have Wifi Monitoring?

Yes, Honeywell has done an exceptional job in offering communication options for Honeywell alarm systems to connect to Total Connect 2.0. Wifi, Internet and Cell Communicators all provide a user to connect to Total Connect 2.0.

The Lynx Touch series comes equipped with wifi capability. Installing a L5100Wifi module provides a wireless IP path for alarm communication and Total Connect 2.0 remote access. The L5100Wifi module connects directly inside the control panel and is powered via the control panel's connection.The L5100WiFi module can be installed along with a cell communicator to provide dual communication. Honeywell’s GSMVLP5-4G is compatible for the Lynx Touch L5200 and the Honeywell 4GL cell communicator for the Lynx Touch L7000. If installed with a cell communicator, the L5100Wifi module will be used for primary communication with the cell communicator as its backup (as long as the WiFi module has internet connection). The L5100Wifi module cannot be installed in conjunction with the ILP5 internet communicator. Once the module is installed in the panel, it must be enrolled in the local wireless network before it can be registered with Alarmnet.

The Vista series has the option of connecting a Tuxedo Touch Wifi controller for wifi communication. The Tuxedo Touch Wifi has a built in web server which will connect wirelessly to a user's home network and allows a user to control both the alarm system and home automation from the touchscreen. With this being said, the Tuxedo Touch Wifi controller supports Total Connect 2.0 but is not a communicator. A user would need either a cell communicator, Honeywell’s GSMV4G or 7847i internet communicator or dual communication Honeywell’s iGSMV4G, installed to connect with Total Connect 2.0. The same as the Lynx Touch dual communication stands for the Vista dual communication. The first path would be the internet and if communication failed the cell communicator would take over.

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