Can I Use Total Connect With My Honeywell Vista 21iP?

Yes, Total Connect 2.0 is an AlarmNet internet based app which is compatible with Honeywell alarm systems and Z-Wave devices connected by cell communicators, internet or wifi connection.

Honeywell Vista 21iP control panel has a built in AlarmNet internet communicator. To access the internet, connect an Ethernet wire from an open port on the network’s router or switch to the RJ45 Ethernet port on the upper left side of the Vista 21iP board. The Internet Communicator uses minimal bandwidth so it will not affect a user's internet service. A Vista 21iP must be version 3.13 or higher to support Total Connect 2.0.  A backup battery and/or power supply should be added for the Router and/or switch so that, in the event of a power outage, the alarm system will still be able to communicate.

The Internet Communicator is not the only way for the Honeywell Vista 21iP to connect to Total Connect 2.0. A user can bypass the internet completely and install a Honeywell Vista-GSM4G cell communicator. The Honeywell Vista-GSM4G is a wireless cell communicator and uses AT&T’s wireless cell network. No additional back up battery or power supply is needed for a cell communicator. Cell communicators use the alarm control panel's power and back up battery so normal power outages will not affect them.  A Vista-GSM4G must be version 2.6.42 or higher to support Total Connect 2.0.

The ideal communication for an alarm system is dual path communication. Installing the Vista-GSM4G cell communicator along with the built-in Internet Communicator, would provide the optimal, dual communication path. When utilizing dual communication, the first path of communication is always the internet. If for some reason, the internet signal does not go through, or the Vista 21iP senses that the Internet connection is down, the cell communicator will automatically kick in, and send the signal.

Total Connect 2.0’s commands and notifications process faster when using the internet as the first path of communication.

Total Connect 2.0 allows users to view and remotely control an alarm system, home automation and video surveillance. Total Connect 2.0 can also send notifications on any event via email and or text message. 

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