Can I Change the Honeywell VISTA 21iP’s PROM Chip?

Yes, you can change the Honeywell VISTA 21iP's PROM Chip. Honeywell offers the Honeywell V21iPUPG for upgrading the system. The main reason for upgrading the PROM Chip is to get an older VISTA 21iP Panel (pre-version 3) working with the Total Connect 2.0 interactive service platform.

Honeywell vista 21ip internet alarm control panel open

However, even with the PROM Chip upgrade, the internal communicator for the system will need to be replaced. This is because the internal communicator for an older VISTA 21iP is not capable of being used with Total Connect 2.0. Fortunately, a user can upgrade the PROM Chip and add an external communicator to get the system working with TC2. Some options for external communicators include the GSMV4G, iGSMV4G, GSMX4G, 7847i, LTE-XA and LTE-XV. More information on performing this upgrade can be found here.

Please note that any VISTA-21iP Panel with a date code of S300 or higher should have a corresponding internal communicator of version 2.10.15 or higher. This internal communicator will be capable of providing access to Total Connect 2.0. This date code can be found on the upper-right portion of the panel. It will either be silk screened on the circuit board or consist of a white sticker. The date code will consist of a letter, followed by a three-digit number. If the panel has a date code of S300 or higher, the user can still upgrade the PROM, but it isn't necessary to do so to access TC2.

Please note that Alarm Grid recommends upgrading the PROM and adding an external communicator instead of just replacing the panel. If the user replaces the panel, they will need to reprogram the system in its entirety. They will also have to remount and rewire the system. This would be very inconvenient, so it is much easier to perform a PROM upgrade and add a new communicator. The cost for both options is roughly the same. However, if a user wants to add the VISTA-GSM4G as the communicator, they will need to replace the panel if it is older than date code S300. This is because the older VISTA 21iP models cannot support that communicator.

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