Can the ADC-T3000 Display Stay On Permanently?

No, the ADC-T3000 display cannot stay on permanently. This setting was available for the older ADC-T2000 model, but the ADC-T3000 does not have this option available. The closest you can come to having the unit constantly show its display is to have it appear upon detecting movement.

The ADC-T3000 is a smart Z-Wave Plus thermostat from The thermostat has a light-up display that shows the current mode, the current temperature, and the set temperature. Many users wonder if there is a way to keep the display on at all times. Unfortunately, that is not possible for the ADC-T3000. The thermostat will only show its display upon activation. But you can set the thermostat to show its display upon detecting movement. This will make it possible for the thermostat to show its display without actually being touched.

Please note that it is only possible for the ADC-T3000 to use its wake upon detecting motion feature when the thermostat is receiving AC power. In other words, the feature will not work when the thermostat is running off battery power. This is done to conserve energy. The easiest way to enable the feature is to do so locally at the thermostat. You can do this by completing the following steps:

1. Go to the thermostat. Go on-site in front of your ADC-T3000 device. Make sure that it is powered on and that it is receiving AC power, not just battery.

2. Access the setting. Press the horizontal dash button (-) on the top left-hand side of the thermostat. Then choose Settings. Then select User. Then locate the Motion setting.

3. Enable the setting. Set the Motion setting to ON. This will enable the feature so that the device shows its display upon detecting movement.

It is also possible to configure the setting remotely through the customer website. Please note that you must have the Thermostat Configuration feature applied to your account in order to access the setting. If you do not have the feature enabled, then ask your monitoring provider to apply it. If you are monitored by Alarm Grid, then you can contact our support team by emailing

Complete the following steps to enable your ADC-T3000 Thermostat to show its display upon detecting movement:

1. Login to Access the customer website, and login to your account. If you are having difficulties, try resetting your password, or contact your monitoring company for further assistance.

2. Access Advanced Thermostat Configuration. Once you have logged-in, locate the Thermostats Card. Click the button of the right arrow, which looks like a > symbol. Then choose Advanced Configuration. You will enter the Advanced Thermostat Configuration Menu.

3. Adjust the setting. Click on User. Then locate the Motion Sensor option. Choose Enabled to enable the feature. Be sure to press Save when you are finished making changes.

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