Can The Honeywell Vista 128BPT Work With Total Connect?

Yes, the Honeywell Vista 128BPT control panel is compatible with Total Connect 2.0 when paired with either a gsm cell communicator, an internet communicator or a dual communication communicator.

The compatible gsm cell communicators for the Vista 128BPT control panel are the Honeywell GSMV4G and the GSMX4G. The compatible internet communicator is the Honeywell 7847i and the compatible dual communicators are the Honeywell iGSMV4G and the iGSMHS4G.

The Honeywell Vista 128BPT control panel is a commercial panel, so for business owners connecting to Total Connect 2.0 is ideal by providing peace of mind and being able to check on the business from any computer, smartphone and ios device. Total Connect 2.0 provides a virtual keypad to control the alarm system, zwave devices and video surveillance. A Honeywell Vam or Tuxedo Touch WiFi controller is needed to support zwave devices and to view cameras on site. Users can arm/disarm the alarm, control up to 3 thermostats, 4 door locks and 40 light switches connected to Total Connect. If Honeywell IP cameras are installed, users can view the location any time.

Total Connect users will receive notifications via email and or text message on any real time alarm signal plus arms/disarms, low battery, system trouble, AC loss, etc and events.

Total Connect provides a searchable event history. Security events are stored for 90 days and video events are stored for 90 days or a maximum of 100 MB.

Total Connect also provides; Multi-System Access. Multi-System Access allows more than one business or home to be accessed by a single user login to the Honeywell Total Connect website. also via mobile device.

Total Connect is only available through alarm monitoring companies that offer Honeywell AlarmNet services.

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