Can Vibration Cause False Alarms on a 5800PIR-RES?

No, normal vibration will not cause false alarms on a 5800PIR-RES motion detector. This is because this type of motion sensor uses passive infrared technology in order to recognize movement within its field of view. A substantial amount of vibration would be required to cause a false alarm.

Passive infrared detection works by recognizing immediate changes in infrared energy. Every object, animate or inanimate, has an IR energy signature. The 5800PIR-RES "sees" the IR energy in the area it's protecting through a special lens. When a person enters the detection zone of the motion, the sensor will detect the change in IR energy, thereby triggering the detector. With this detection process, false alarms will likely not be triggered by vibrations caused by very small earthquakes, slamming doors or loud music.

Since the 5800PIR-RES detects immediate changes in IR energy, it is very important not to place the sensor near AC vents or heaters that are used to cool and heat a person's house. These devices can cause rapid changes in IR energy, which may trigger the sensor and cause a false alarm. The sensor can also be set off because of exposure to sunlight. Therefore, it may be best to place the sensor in such a way that it doesn't look directly at windows or doors.

Users should make sure to choose a good location for installing their passive infrared motion detector. A good location for the 5800PIR-RES is about 7.5 to 8 feet high in a corner of the room and away from any AC vents or heaters. This will give the sensor a good range of detection, and it will help to avoid the occurrence of any false alarms.

The installation video provided below may be helpful in determining a good place for your 5800PIR-RES sensor:

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