Can I use a Honeywell ACU w/ analog cameras?

While the Honeywell ACU is normally intended for adding Total Connect video service to an existing analog camera, there is a Video Out connection on the back of the wireless analog converter unit which you can use to connect to a local video monitor.

Connect the Honeywell ACU wireless analog converter unit to any existing analog camera to view that camera through AlarmNet's Total Connect video service. With a video monitoring plan, you can use up to six analog cameras connected to an ACU to view your property remotely from your Total Connect web account or smartphone app. You can even have the cameras programmed to record ten second video clips whenever motion is detected. Those video clips can be auto emailed to you with the video attachment or you can have a simple text message sent out which alerts you to the new video clip. The ACU is a great way to leverage older cameras with the newer more advanced Total Connect video service.

Another interesting feature of the ACU is that you can use it without the Total Connect service as a pass through connection to a local video monitor. Simply attach your analog camera to the Video In connection on the back of the ACU and then connect the Video Out to your local video monitor to view your analog camera locally. When using this setup, make sure to set the 75Ω switch to the UP position. The NTSC video from the analog camera will then be fed to the local video monitor.

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