Do Homes Require a Flood or Temperature Sensor?

No, homes don't require a flood or temperature sensor. That said, they are strongly recommended for anyone who lives in an area prone to flooding or freezing temperatures. There have been countless horrors stories of people who suffered very costly damage due to not having these sensors.

A flood sensor alerts the system after detecting a small amount of water. These sensors or probes should be placed where a water leak is most likely to occur, such as under water heaters, near refrigerators and inside basements. If the sensor goes off, you can receive an alert and take action before serious water damage occurs. These devices are great for pairing with an interactive service platform, like Total Connect 2.0. That way, you can receive a text or email alert about the potential flooding even if you are away from home.

A temperature sensor, also called a freeze sensor, alerts the system when the ambient temperature reaches a dangerously low level. In most cases, a temperature sensor will activate and alert the system when the temperature falls to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. If the user receives an alert regarding their freeze sensor, then it is likely that their home's HVAC system has broken. They should take immediate action before the pipes start to freeze.

Technically, flood and temperature sensors are optional devices. If you live in an area where there is very little rain, then you may want to forgo flood sensors. Likewise, if temperatures almost never reach freezing levels in your area, then skipping temperature sensors might be in your best interest. But for most homes, these sensors represent an important investment. There are all sorts of cases of homeowners who suffered severe flooding damage or had their pipes freeze because they did not have the proper sensors in their home. Skip these sensors at your your risk!

Additionally, some insurance companies will offer customers a discount in their homeowner's insurance premiums for maintaining properly functioning flood and freeze sensors. These discounts vary greatly between different insurance providers, and they often depend on location as well. Please note that we do not guarantee insurance discounts for any company. You will need to check with your insurance company and see which discounts they provide. If you need a certificate of alarm from Alarm Grid to receive a discount, we recommend emailing

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