How Do You Add a 2GIG PANIC1-345 to the 2GIG GC3?

You can add a 2GIG PANIC1-345 to the 2GIG GC3 through the zone programming menu. From this menu, you can enroll the device automatically or manually and configure any other settings required for operation. You can also name the device from this menu. The device can be programmed to any zone.

Complete the following steps to add a 2GIG-PANIC1-345 to a GC3 system:

1. Access programming. From the main screen, go to System Settings > enter your installer code (the default code is 1561) > scroll down > Installer Toolbox > System Configuration > Wireless Zones. All of the programming for wireless zones can be accessed from this menu.

2. Select an open zone. The left hand menu on this screen displays all of the wireless zones on the system. Click a zone you would like to program, then click "Edit Zone". The menu on the left side of the screen will display all of the programming fields for the zone selected. As you click on the first available field, the programming options for that field will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Choose the appropriate option for each, then hit the down arrow on the bottom right to automatically move to the next programming option within that zone.

3. Program the panic button. You will need to program all the fields for the panic button. The table below shows all of the programmable fields and the corresponding selections:

  • Programming Fields Field Selections
    Sensor Type “06 - 24-Hour Silent Alarm”, “07 - 24-Hour Audible Alarm”, "08 - 24-Hour Auxiliary Alarm”, “09 - 24-Hour Fire” Each alarm response is used for a specific type of alarm.
    Equipment Code Select “0868 - 2GIG Panic Button Remote”.
    Serial Number It’s recommended to automatically learn the serial number to the system to prevent typos. This is done by clicking the “Learn” button in the bottom right corner of the panel and then pressing the panic button on the remote. The serial number will be displayed. If it is correct, press "Accept".
    Equipment Age It doesn’t matter which option, is selected as it makes no difference in how the sensor operates. Choose “New” or “Existing”.
    Sensor Loop Select “Loop 1”.
    Transmission Delay It’s recommended to leave this “Disabled”. With this field enabled, the GC3 system will wait for a programmed amount of time (set in Q39) before sending the signal to the central station once the alarm has been triggered.
    Voice Descriptor Adding words in this field will name the device in the zone list. This is helpful when Alarm Notifications are being sent via, as this descriptor will be sent.
    Sensor Reports Enabling sensor reports will have the GC3 system transmit an alarm signal to the central station in order to notify them that the panic button was pressed. Only turn this off if you don’t want to the panic button to send a signal to central station.
    Sensor Supervised The sensor doesn’t need to have supervision enabled, as the panic button may be removed from within range of the system.
    Sensor Chime This field can be left disabled, unless the panic button is used for a secondary, non-panic purpose.
4. Return to the home screen. Click “Return to System Configuration” in the top right corner of the screen. Press the back arrow on the right side of the screen, and click "Save" to confirm your programming changes. Click the back arrow again to return to the home screen.

5. Test the panic button. Pressing and holding the panic button for about 3 seconds will activate the device and trigger an alarm. You'll know it's been activated when the red LED on the PANIC1-345 is lit. Be sure to call your alarm monitoring company and place your system placed in test mode. This will allow you to test the button without triggering a false dispatch.

The video below will walk you through programming a PANIC1-345 to a 2GIG GC3 panel.

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