Does a Honeywell 5808W3 Work if the Alarm System is Off?

Yes, a Honeywell 5808W3 works if the alarm system is off. The 5808W3 Smoke and Heat Detector can still be activated even if it is not programmed to a panel, or if its associated security system is powered off. The device's 85 dB sounder will activate regardless of its programming settings.

Honeywell 5808w3 wireless smoke and heat detector

The Honeywell 5808W3 Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector offers smoke detection (photoelectric), heat detection (135°F fixed temperature), and freeze detection (41°F and below). However, its 85 dB Temporal 3 sounder will only activate for smoke and heat detection (Loop 1). This sounder will activate as long as the device itself is powered on, regardless of whether or not it is programmed to a system that is powered on and within signal range.

The 5808W3 receives its power from a lithium CR123A camera battery. It is advised that this battery is replaced with a fresh one as soon as the device shows low battery. This will ensure that the device always maintains power. You will know that the 5808W3 has a low battery because its red LED light will blink every 45 seconds. After seven (7) days of a low battery, the device will "chirp" every 45 seconds. You can silence the chirping sound for 12 hours by pressing the device's test button.

The 5808W3 is a uni-directional Honeywell 5800 Series 345 MHz sensor. When the sensor is triggered, its 85 dB Temporal 3 sounder activates, and the device begins sending out its one-way 345 MHz signals. The device will continue to send out these one-way 345 MHz signals every four (4) seconds seconds until smoke is cleared from its detection chamber AND the temperature drops below 135°F.

Each 345 MHz signal will be received by any compatible panel within signal range. If you want, you could actually program a single 5808W3 device with multiple alarm control panels. The 5808W3 sensor merely sends out these 345 MHz signals. In other words, the device does not know if any panel received has its signals or not. That is why the Temporal 3 85 dB sounder for the 5808W3 will still activate even if no system receives the incoming 345 MHz signals.

Once the panel has received an incoming signal, the system will respond based on the Response Type for the programmed zone. Most 5808W3 devices are programmed with a 24-Hour Fire Response Type. This could be Fire With Verification or Fire No Verification. These 24-Hour Fire Response Types mean that incoming signals from the 5808W3 sensor will put the system into a fire alarm, regardless of the system's current arming state. Technically, you could program the 5808W3 with a different Response Type, but doing that is not recommended for a fire-safety device.

It is important to note that the 5808W3 will activate its 85 dB Temporal 3 sounder whenever the device detects smoke and/or a high temperature, regardless of the panel programming settings. In other words, the 85 dB Temporal 3 sounder on the 5808W3 will activate whenever smoke is detected in the device's detection chamber, or when the device senses a temperature of 135°F or higher. This is true as long as the 5808W3 is powered on with a CR123A battery. Detecting smoke and/or a high temperature is also when the device will begin sending out its one-way 345 MHz signals.

Remember, the 5808W3 does not care if it is programmed with a panel or not. In fact, the device has no way of knowing if it is programmed. The sensor merely activates its sounder and sends out 345 MHz signals when activated, as long as it is powered on. The device will stop sounding and transmitting signals when smoke is cleared from the detection chamber AND the detected temperature drops below 135°F. Pressing the device's test button will also silence the sounder for five (5) minutes.

However, programming the Honeywell 5808W3 with a compatible security panel is still very important. This is the only way for your system to go into alarm when the device is activated. If you have active alarm monitoring service, then alerts can be send out to you and/or a central monitoring station whenever a fire alarm occurs. Every Full Plan from Alarm Grid (non-Self Plans) includes central station monitoring service. This will allow you to receive automatic emergency fire dispatch whenever the 5808W3 is activated. Please note that some jurisdictions may have restrictions on automatic fire dispatch.

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