Does the Honeywell L5100 System Support Instant Arming?

The Honeywell L5100 supports "Instant Arming." Using Instant Arming, the system will arm into "Stay mode" and turn off the "Entry Delay" for all entry/exit zones. Entry/exit zones can be opened while the system is armed. Instant arm will have any entry/exit door trigger an immediate alarm.

The Honeywell L5100's doors can have the entry/exit zone type programmed. With this setting, the door allows a user to enter the location with the system armed. An entry door will initiate a timer when opened and when the system is armed. This timer is called the entry/exit delay. It is the amount of time a user has to disarm the system before the system goes into a full alarm. This timer is enabled in any armed state as long as a single zone has the entry/exit zone type programmed. The timer will activate when a user arms any mode and allows a user to exit the location through an entry/exit zone after arming the system. The system has two main arming modes, Stay mode and Away mode. In Away mode, all programmed security sensors will fully arm, including motion detectors. This mode is best used when leaving the location. When arming in Stay mode, the system will arm all security devices except for motion detectors. Stay mode is best used when a user wants to arm their system and remain in their home.

Instant arming is identical to Stay mode except it removes the entry delay for the entry zones. This mode is used when a user is staying in the home and doesn’t expect anyone to be coming through the entry doors. If an entry door is opened with Instant Arm enabled, the system will go into a full alarm.

To put the L5100 into Instant Arm mode, click the “INSTANT” button below the arming options before arming the system. The button will toggle to “DELAY” when instant is selected. The “DELAY” is referring to the entry/exit delay.

Instant Arm Disabled

Instant Arm Enabled

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