Does the Lyric Controller support Samsung SmartThings?

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller (model LCP500-L) can now share control of the same Z-Wave devices as the Samsung SmartThings automation hub. If you have automation control on Total Connect 2.0, this means you can control the same device from either the Total Connect or SmartThings apps.

As of now, there are no triggers, such as arming the alarm system, that will automate scenes through SmartThings. Same idea with the smart scenes on the TC2 app. There are no new trigger points enabled by enrolling the SmartThings hub with the Lyric. In other words, you can only use security action triggers on smart scenes programmed from TC2, not from the SmartThings app. However, now you can take advantage of the robust SmartThings platform, but still use security related smart scenes through Total Connect 2.0 with the same devices. It is not perfect, but it is getting better. Hopefully Honeywell allows third party hubs like SmartThings to pull in security triggers at some point in the future. We will be sure to announce any changes as we come across them.

After pairing the Lyric and SmartThings together, any node that is included in the Lyric will automatically be pushed to the ST app. Yes, this breaks all the rules of Z-Wave. Normally secondary controllers can simply control devices from the primary, but they cannot include or exclude them. Z-Wave devices cannot be learned into multiple devices normally. Generally they must be excluded from an existing primary controller then included into the new primary. Although secondary controllers offer a second point of manual control they are not designed to add or remove devices from the mesh network. Well, that is not the case with this particular relationship. It seems like Samsung changed something on their end which makes this possible. Not exactly sure what they did, but we are excited at the future prospects of this integration. Now let's get into the details of pairing the controllers.

First make sure that both the Lyric and SmartThings within Z-Wave range of each other. We recommend being within 25 feet, but you may find that it works much further by testing it. If you have enrolled any devices directly into the SmartThings hub we recommend you exclude them, then include them into the Lyric after the Lyric/SmartThings pairing process. From the SmartThings app press "+ add a thing." Then press the "learn" function in advanced tools on the Lyric. From the home screen go to Automation > Down Key > Tools > Advanced Tools > Enter Master or Installer Code (1234 or 4112) > Learn. After the Lyric is recognized by the SmartThings controller you should be able to include a device into the Lyric and see that it then pushes automatically to SmartThings.

As you develop your home automation network, it is important to be cognizant of which type of Z-Wave technology your peripheral devices operate on. The Lyric is equipped with a "classic Z-Wave" or 300 series chipset, which does not support 500 series aka "Z-Wave Plus" features. The SmartThings hub does support Z-Wave Plus so those devices can be enrolled directly to SmartThings. Especially if you want to capitalize on the advantages of the 500 series technology.

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Good info will try this today
Ok.Thank you.
Thanks. I did check the Smartthings forums and there are a lot of people using this relay, but I couldn't find any who also had a Lyric Controller. I started a thread there as well to see if anyone responds. The Fix/delete idea is a good one. I'll try this. I did try including it with Smartthings, and then excluding it from the Lyric panel, but doing so also removed it from Smartthings too. Interesting how they are so interconnected. In the end, it may just be a compatibility issue that Honeywell would have to resolve. I am your customer, so if I can't get it to work, I'll open up a ticket with you all so maybe you can pass along that compatibility issue to Honeywell. I really do want to use the Qubino temp sensor (seems to be the best temp sensor out there for high heat applications), but I also really want the Lyric and Smartthings to share all my other z wave devices.
We're not familiar enough with the SmartThings to know if it's possible to program it to exclude certain devices when pushing to a secondary controller. Have you checked on the SmartThings forums to see if anyone that uses that system has found a way? Another option would be to unplug the device temporarily so that the Lyric no longer sees it and then you can "Fix" the lost device on the Lyric so it deletes from the Lyric. I'm not sure if that would fix the functionality on the ST at that point but it's worth a shot. Disqus doesn't share emails of commenters so I'm not sure if you're one of our clients but if you are, please email referencing this comment so we can help further.
I have a Qubino Flush 1 Relay. It has a switch, a thermostat, and a bunch of other features. I can pair it to the Smartthings hub and it works great at first, but as soon as it automatically shows up as a switch (and only a switch) on the Lyric Controller, several functions the device had on the Smartthings controller stop working in Smartthings. I can pair it to the Lyric Controller, but it never automatically shows up on the Smartthings hub. I really do not need it to show up at all on the Lyric controller, but I do have other devices that both controllers share successfully with useful automations on both that I do not want to lose. I want to be able to use the Flush 1 Relay, but I only need it on Smartthings. If I could get it to just not automatically pair with the Lyric, I’d be fine, but it does every time. Does anyone know if it’s possible to have Smartthings not automatically share a z wave device when the controllers are paired?
Yes, but not the way I was trying to do so. I was trying to make something before Apple HomeKit support was available. Instead of trying to make the Lyric see the virtual switches, I used HomeBridge installed on my Mac to see the virtual switches from SmartThings. ( Then all of the virtual switches were available in HomeKit, and I could make automations that included these switches. SmartThings would then arm or disarm the Lyric (via another Homebridge hack that depended on a wonky API), but it was very complicated. However, I did get about the same functionality for many months. Then, HomeKit support became available and I don't need the virtual switches anymore. I still have the SmartThings Hub, but I might sell it.
Were you ever able to get virtual switches working?
We have not tested that controller so we cannot say for sure. If it has a standard Z-Wave controller similar Smartthings then it should work.
Is the Samsung Connect Home Pro supported as a secondary z-wave controller? It has smartthings built into it.
The Lyric is compatible with the RE524X. As the SmartThings hub is only going to trigger from Z-Wave sensors, adding the RE524X to the Lyric won't add any functionality with the the ST hub.
I moved into a home that has an ADT system with a RE524X wireless translator. I know that the SmartThings hub does not recognize this device as it is not Z-wave or Zigbee. Would a Lyric panel recognize this device (and all of the wireless connections it has)? If so, would the SmartThings hub then recognize the connections from the Lyric? Thanks for your help!
They don't have a model number. They are simulated. I am trying it now, and it doesn't appear to work. I learned in the ST hub, and for awhile it showed up as a secondary controller on the Lyric but none of the simulated devices are pushed to the Lyric. According to SmartThings, this does happen if ST hub is primary and Lyric is Secondary Hub. (It works with Alexa that way, although ST is supported by Alexa.) I am in the process of trying the TotalConnect 2.0 integration with SmartThings on their forums, and that may also work, although the goal is a bit different.
If you can provide a model number of a "virtual" switch we can confirm compatibility.
I guess SmartThings has virtual switches which appear as real switches but could have behind-the-scenes automation built in. I was hoping they would be advertised as z-wave devices, but from my research they will not... maybe a slight chance they would if the SmartThings hub could be primary controller, but I also have read that Lyric must be primary controller if using Total Connect.
What exactly do you mean by a "virtual switch"? Will it just be a Z-Wave light switch?
This might solve my problem... if I buy a Smarththings hub, and create a virtual switch, after I connect the Lyric to the hub, will the virtual switch be seen on the Lyric? I need these virtual switches to make some triggers to control non z-wave devices.
That will work too. Just learn all your devices to the Smartthings hub. Then press add device and press the "learn" function in advanced tools on the Lyric. This will learn the Lyric into the ST hub as a secondary controller. You should see the devices merge over to the Lyric after about 5 or 10 minutes. Keep me posted here if you have any difficulties. The latest firmware update changed some things around and I am not exactly sure how the pairing process has changed.
By following this process which is considered the Primary controller? I want my SmartThings to be the Primary controller and Lyric to be the Secondary. I only want to use the Lyric to be able to control the lock which will allow me to utilize the arm/disarm functionality.
Paul, I am pushing a firmware update to your Lyric panel now. The next time the system is ready to arm (there is a fault holding up the firmware install now) the firmware will be installed. Check out my email response to you with details on how to run those tests again.
Do the switches work from each controller when they are learned in to only that one controller with no secondary controller shifting being used?
Followed this pairing procedure as recommended - my leviton z-wave switches show up on both controllers but they don't respond to on/off command from either controller. When the controllers are not paired, the switches work fine (tested with both lyric and st) so it's not a range issue or hardware failure. Also tried numerous things like rebooting, resetting, in different order, and shifting primary to secondary controller (which seems to do nothing - Lyric always remains primary according to its View Enrolled Controllers function). Any thoughts?

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