Does the Honeywell Round Thermostat Work w/ Alexa?

Yes, the Honeywell Round Thermostat works with Alexa. The thermostat is Alexa-ready right out of the box. The integration with Amazon Alexa is completed using the Honeywell Home Alexa Skill. The Thermostat will need to be connected with a local WIFI network for the integration to work.

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The Honeywell Round Thermostat is also sometimes referred to as the Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat. It is a WIFI thermostat that is used primarily with Honeywell Home. There is a Honeywell Home Alexa Skill that will allow you to integrate this thermostat with Amazon Alexa for voice commands. In order to complete the integration, you will need to provide your Honeywell Home login information to Alexa. This is so that Alexa can properly communicate with Honeywell Home. Whenever an Alexa voice command is made, the command will first pass through Honeywell Home before being forwarded to the thermostat.

One requirement of using Alexa to control the Honeywell Round Thermostat is that a name must be established for the thermostat. This name is set up when the Honeywell Round is set up with the Honeywell Home App. The name of the thermostat must be stated to Alexa whenever the user goes to control the thermostat through an Alexa voice command. There are many different commands for the Honeywell Round Thermostat that can be performed through Alexa. These include setting a specific temperature, activating heating or cooling modes, and checking the current temperature.

Please note that the Honeywell Home App was previously known as the Honeywell Lyric App. Any instructions that applied to the Honeywell Lyric App now apply to the newer Honeywell Home App. The pairing process for Amazon Alexa and the general functionality is largely the same. The only difference is that Resideo (formerly Honeywell) has largely dropped the Lyric namesake and is now using Honeywell Home as its primary identifier. If you see instructions specifying Lyric Skill or Lyric App, they have since been replaced by Honeywell Home.

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