Does the Honeywell T6 PRO Thermostat Work w/ Alexa?

Yes, the Honeywell T6 PRO Thermostat works with Alexa. This is true whether the T6 PRO Z-Wave Plus Thermostat or the T6 PRO WIFI Thermostat is being used. The Z-Wave Plus model pairs with Amazon Alexa through Total Connect 2.0. The WIFI model pairs with Amazon Alexa through Honeywell Home.

Honeywell t6 z wave thermostat smart thermostat

There are many Amazon Alexa voice commands that can be used with a compatible thermostat. You can ask Alexa to set a specific temperature, activate a heating or cooling mode, check the current temperature, and more. To do this, you will make the vocal command to your Alexa Hub. Alexa will then forward the command to an interactive platform used with your thermostat. The interactive platform will then send the command to the thermostat so that the device can control the HVAC system for the building.

It is important to understand that the Honeywell T6 PRO Thermostat does not pair with Amazon Alexa directly. Instead, the integration occurs through an interactive automation platform. The platform that is used will depend on whether the Honeywell T6 PRO Thermostat is the Z-Wave Plus model or the WIFI model. Either model can be used very nicely with Amazon Alexa once everything is set up properly. This will involve enabling the appropriate Alexa Skill from within the Alexa App.

If you have the Z-Wave model, then your best option is to pair your T6 PRO thermostat with your security system. This will require that your system has a Z-Wave controller built-in or added. You can then enable the corresponding Alexa Skill for the interactive monitoring and automation platform used with your system. If you have a Honeywell System, then you will most likely be using Total Connect 2.0 for this application. But if you have a system that supports, then you can use that platform instead. You will just need to enable the Total Connect 2.0 Alexa Skill or the Alexa Skill depending on the platform you are using. You will need to provide your TC2 or ADC login information so that Alexa can access your account. This setup will require that you have an alarm monitoring plan that includes home automation service.

If you have the WIFI model, then you can complete the Alexa integration through Honeywell Home. You will need to successfully pair the T6 PRO Thermostat with Honeywell Home. You will then enable the Honeywell Home Alexa Skill and provide your login information for Honeywell Home. This will allow Alexa to communicate with Honeywell Home for controlling the thermostat. Remember that the WIFI mode can also be used with Apple HomeKit. This is very convenient for iOS users who take advantage of all the great features and functions that Apple HomeKit offers.

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