Does The Lyric Security System Have Dual-Path Options?

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Security System has a built in WiFi communicator and also has the option to add a gsm cell communicator. The compatible gsm cell communicator for the Lyric Controller is the Lyric 3G.

Dual communication is the most secure way to have an alarm system communicate. The first path of dual communication is the internet. If communication is lost for any reason with the WiFi connection, the gsm cell communicator will take over. Losing internet connection, means losing communication with the alarm system. Users are recommended to install a battery backup for the router and modem, especially if WiFi is the only means of communication. This will prevent signals not being sent in case of a power outage. However it does not help if the internet is down.

Both the WiFi module and the Lyric 3G support Central Station monitoring and Total Connect 2.0. Programming can be uploaded, downloaded and the Lyric Controller can be flashed using the WiFi and or Cellular modules.

The WiFi is built into the Lyric Controller. The Lyric 3G gsm cell communicator installs directly inside the panel. Open the sidebar on the panel and insert the Lyric 3G, secure with provided screw and reclose the sidebar.

Both the WiFi module and the Lyric 3G gsm cellular communicator can only be registered by a Honeywell AlarmNet dealer. This can be done during activation. The MAC ID numbers and the CRC numbers off the communicators are required to be provided to the monitoring company to register and activate.

The Lyric Controller Security System also has a built in Zwave module which supports up to 72 Zwave devices, including up to 6 thermostats and 6 door locks. Users can program up to 100 actions and up to 150 scheduled events.

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The sensors don't use the WIFI module, they use the wireless receiver that's built in the panel. You can use the system without monitoring if you just want it to sound an alarm when activated.
When you say that the WiFi must be activated by an alarm company to work are you saying that the control panel won't be able to communicate with the switches if a person wants to use the panel and not have monitoring? What exactly will be nonfunctional if a decision to non-monitor is made?

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