Does Lyric Gateway Need Internet to Function?

The answer is, Yes, and No.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest panel released by Honeywell. The Gateway is an all-in-one wireless panel that ships with a built in Ethernet port, WIFI communicator and Z-Wave module. A user has the option to install a Cellular communicator in an easy to access port on the top of the unit. All of the system’s communication can be sent over only IP or WIFI, only Cellular or a combination of both in a Dual Path setup. With a Dual Path communication method configured, the system will automatically switch to an active communication path in the event that the primary fails. The system is compatible with the new SIX Series Sensors and all 5800 wireless devices except for those that require a House ID to operate. Honeywell is planning to bring the House ID feature to the Gateway at some point in the future but we have no specifics on when this is planned for release.

The Gateway will need an IP / WIFI or Cellular communication path in order to communicate with Central Station or Total Connect 2.0. As stated before, the system can send all its communication over IP / WIFI or Cellular. If WIFI is not available in the area, a user is able to have the Gateway utilize its Cellular communicator as its only path. To do this a user simply needs to purchase an AT&T or Verizon Cellular module and install it in the bay on the Gateway. Whether the Gateway is communicating over IP / WIFI or Cellular, a user will need to have the system monitored by an alarm company with access to AlarmNet 360. All of the system and zone programming must be performed through AlarmNet 360. The Gateway has basic touch screen control, but more advanced control is achieved through its app called “MyHome Gateway” which is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play store. In order to utilize the more advanced control features, such as Users, Automation, and Video, the Gateway must have a WIFI or Ethernet connection, and the device running the App must be connected to the same network the Gateway is on. So, you can arm/disarm the system through the touch keypad on the Gateway, but to utilize any of the more advanced features, an IP or WIFI connection is required.

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