Honeywell 5814 vs 5811

If you're down to considering the Honeywell 5814 vs the Honeywell 5811, you've already narrowed your wireless door and window sensor search to the two smallest offerings by Honeywell.

The Honeywell 5814 comes in as the smallest and is labeled their "Ultra Small" for a reason. The 5814 measures only 1 1/2" x 1 3/16" by 5/8".

The Honeywell 5811, meanwhile, is billed as their "Thin" sensor for a reason. It's nearly twice as long at 2 1/8", but is also half as thick at only 5/16". Both sensors measure in at 1 3/16" inches wide.

Both feature a transmitter that operates at 345 MHz, but the newer 5811 will give you a longer ranger at 200 feet versus the 5814, which can only be up to 100 feet away from your wireless security system or wireless receiver.

The transmitters also have different maximum gaps from their magnets before being tripped. The 5811 has a 0.75" gap and the 5814 can only be up to 0.5" before going off.

If you need any more help deciding between the Honeywell 5814 versus the 5811, please ask below in the comments and we'll gladly help you decide!

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Hi Paul, It sounds like you have your 5811 sensors learned in with an Entry/Exit 1 response type. That response type should be limited to the doors you use when the system is armed so as to give you enough time to get to the keypad and disarm the system. All other doors and windows should be set to Perimeter which will give you an instant alarm as soon as the zone is violated.
I have the lynx 5100 panel and the 5811 contacts when I arm the system and after waiting for the system to be in the armed mode I open the door and it takes up to 30 seconds to activate the siren or sound from the control panel why?

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