Honeywell iGSMV4G vs GSMV4G

The HoneywelliGSMV4G is a dual communicator that supports the Honeywell Vista series control panels.

The iGSMV4G has both an internet communicator and a gsm cell communicator. The first path of communication is the internet and if for some reason the internet goes down, the gsm cell communicator will kick in and send the signals so no communication is lost. If for some reason both services are unavailable, the communicator provides a third way to communicate by sending a transmission via SMS (Short Message Service) also known as a text message.

The iGSMV4G communicates via a network connection to the AlarmNet and routes the information to the central station of choice.

The basic features of the iGSMV4G communicator include: allows connection for remote services, Total Connect 2.0. Access can be programmed via web or 7720P programming tool. Supports dynamic or static IP addressing, and installs behind firewalls without compromising network security. Allows uploading and downloading of control panel data over the internet.

The Honeywell GSMV4G is a gsm cellular communicator that supports Honeywell Vista series control panels.

The GSMV4G cellular communicator connects to the control panel and sends alarm signals to AlarmNet for subsequent transfer to a central monitoring station. The GSMV4G cell unit can be mounted directly on the control panel or remotely.

The new 4G connectivity brings faster GSM data transfers with lower response time, which results in faster data transfers.

If the GSMV4G cellular network is unavailable, the GSMV4G will attempt to send a transmission via SMS (Short Message Service) also known as a text message as backup communication.

The GSMV4G comes with it’s own battery backup, so if power is lost, the cellular unit will not depend on the control panel’s battery making run time that much longer.

The basic features of the GSMV4G are reports fire, burg, and status messages via GSM. The GSMV4G has an internal antenna which provides additional security.

The GSMV4G can be programmed using the 7720P programming tool or via the AlarmNet Direct website. Sends reports in Contact ID format. Supports remote control of alarm system via Remote Services feature. Allows uploading and downloading of control panel data via GSM.

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