Honeywell L5200 vs. L7000

The Honeywell L5200 and the Honeywell L7000 are almost identical, with regard to their functionalities. Almost all the wonderful features that are responsible for the many awards given to the L7000 are featured prominently in the L5200. The difference is that everything on the L7000 is just a little bit bigger.

The Screen: the L5200 has a 4.7-inch screen and the L7000 has a 7-inch screen.

The L7000 is the first panel wherein Honeywell eliminates the ability to use phone lines. While the L5200 has remote phone operations, speaker phone operations, "Follow me" reminder and system announcements like any of Honeywell's other home security systems that came before, the L7000 does not allow the use of phone line monitoring. As such the L5200 can be programmed with up to two follow me numbers, whereas the L7000 cannot be programmed with any.

User Codes: The L5200 allows 32 user codes and the L7000 allows 48 user codes.

Cameras: the L5200 will allow an user to view a camera on-screen and the L7000 allows an user to view up to 4.

Both units allow the control of Z-Wave devices, just like the previous LYNX Touch units: The L5200 can control 3 thermostats and 4 door locks. The L7000 can control 4 thermostats and 6 door locks. Both units can control up to 40 Z-wave devices such as outlets, switches and lamps. The L5200 can controls up to 3 garage doors (requires the 5877, a 5822T), the L7000 controls up to 4 garage doors.

Zones: The L5200 can control 63 zones and the L7000 can control up to 79 zones.

Key fobs: The L5200 can control up to 16 4-button key fobs. The L7000 can control up to 24 4-button key fobs.

Environmental Zones: The L5200 can control up to 6 temperature zones and the L7000 can control up to 8 temperature zones.

Event storage logs: The L5200 stores up to 128 events, the L7000 can store up to double that: 256 events.

Other than this list of differences, the panels are basically the same. The L7000 is designed for more demanding installations, but for the average install, the L5200 will have everything that is needed.

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I just responded so let us know if you need anything else.
Thanks Sterling. Appreciate the quick response. The Lynx 7000 would be perfect for what I want. I had submitted a product query support ticket 12833 through your website the other day and would appreciate you response to it. Cheers
Yes, that is possible.
Thanks, I do not want to control one 7000 unit with another 7000 unit. I would like to arm or disarm the one wireless PIR using either the 7000 unit at ground level or the 7000 unit at first level. Is that possible?
You can have sensors programmed into more than one LYNX Touch system but they would both act as independent systems. You can't control one L7000 from another L7000. If you want wireless keypads, you'd have to use the 5828 ( ) or the 5828V ( ) which is the same keypad as the 5828 except that it also talks to you as well as beeps.
Can we have two 7000 main units control multiple wireless PIR and door sensors within a double storey dwelling? Eg: One 7000 main unit would be at the ground floor and the other at first floor. That way one can arm or disarm from the first level or ground level.
They are both very similar but the L5210 is the newer version with a slightly smaller touch screen compared to the original L5200.
What's the difference between the 5200 and 5210?
We're glad to hear that!
Yes-I found this comparison useful.

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