How Do I Remotely Monitor a Home Video Security Camera?

You can remotely monitor a home video security camera by using the mobile app of the interactive service that it has been set up with. The interactive service you use will depend upon what kind of security system you have. Both your system and your cameras will connect with this service.

All of the security panels offered by Alarm Grid connect to one of two interactive services. Honeywell systems will access Total Connect, while 2GIG and Qolsys panels will sync with Both Total Connect and offer mobile apps that can be used to monitor your system remotely. By using these mobiles apps, you can view the live feed of your security cameras from virtually anywhere in the world.

Total Connect and both serve as central hubs for security cameras. They will both allow you to view the live feeds for all of your security cameras from one convenient location. Up to eight security cameras can be used with a single or Total Connect account. Your cameras will connect to the internet so that they can sync with or Total Connect and be viewed at any time using the corresponding mobile app.

When buying new cameras, you will want to keep in mind that only Honeywell IP Cameras can be used with Total Connect, while only IP Cameras can be used with If you purchase the incorrect type of camera, it will not function with your interactive service. Remember, you will want to make sure that you have a fast enough internet connection to support additional cameras before adding new ones. Check your connection speeds, and make an upgrade with your internet service provider if necessary.

The mobile apps for Total Connect and can both be downloaded for free to Android and iOS devices. Once you have the appropriate app, you can use your smartphone to view your cameras remotely. However, you will still need to have a security system monitoring plan that includes video surveillance. All of the Platinum-Level monitoring plans from Alarm Grid provide video surveillance. We also offer a stand-alone video plan for customers who only want strictly video monitoring.

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