What sensor/magnet gap does a Honeywell 5811 support?

When installing any door or window sensor, including the Honeywell 5811, an important question is always how close the transmitter needs to be to the magnet in order to make contact.

In the case of the Honeywell 5811, the transmitter must be within 0.75" of the magnet.

We always recommend installing the 5811's transmitter (the large object) on the door or window frame and the magnet (the smaller piece) on the door or window itself.

Before you actually install the 5811 via double-stick tape or screws, we always recommend doing a test to make sure the zone will properly triggered as open and closed.

Simply hold the pieces in place where you plan on mounting and have a friend open and close the door or window to verify you're within the 0.75 inch gap.

If you need more help in installing Honeywell 5811s, we recommend you check out our 5811 installation videos on a french door and sliding glass door.

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Thanks, I'll check it out. Just saw the 943WG-WH-M on Honeywell's site. Looks to be the exact dimensions as the 5811 magnet if you break off the screw flange. I'll research it out. Thanks!
Unfortunately, Honeywell doesn't offer the 5811 magnets on their own. You may find the 945-Ms ( https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-945-m ) are small enough to fit though.
I need small replacement magnets for my 5811 to use as vent magnets for windows. I say identical because I will use them on double hung Windows on the glass itself so it needs to be thin to fit between then like the original does. I could buy 1x.25x.25 and those are thin enough. However,I like the white casing. Abby idea as I think the 5899b are to large. Thanks!

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