How do I add a 2GIG- KEY2-345 to the GoControl?

The 2GIG-KEY2-345 is a 4 button key fob that enables users to perform many operations from the push of a button. Users can arm or disarm the 2GIG control panel from either inside the home or business or from outside the door before entering. Users can also trigger a panic alarm and turn on the siren in an emergency and send duress signals to the monitoring station.

The keyfob can also control (turn on and off) installed zwave lamp modules by programming the open collector output.

To add a 2GIG-Key2-345 keyfob enter programming by tapping the 2GIG logo on the home screen in the lower right hand corner. Enter the installer code (2GIG's default installer code is 1561), touch System Configuration. Use the arrow keys to navigate through programming. Side arrows to scroll and the up and down arrows to move to the previous or next prompt. Once in programming go to Q3 Keyfob Programming and select a fob number 1 - 8. Next, select 0 for unused or 1 for used (does not matter). Fob enabled select 0 disabled or 1 for enabled. Press the down arrow to advance to Equipment Code. Select RF sensor equipment code. Enter 0866 for the 2GIG-Key2-345. Enter the 2GIG-Key2-345, 7 digit serial number which is found on the outside of the box it came in or on the back of the keyfob.

The serial number can also be auto enrolled by pressing the shift then learn. By doing this the panel will be in learn-in mode, press the armed away button on the key fob until the LED lights up and the key fob transmits the serial number. The serial number should appear, press OK to save. Press the down arrow, select RF sensor equipment age; 0 for a new product, or 1 for existing. Press the down arrow to select and program Fob Emergency Key 0 - 4. (0, disabled, 1 auxiliary alarm, 2 audible alarm, 3 silent panic and 4 for fire). Select fob button 2 for disarm 0 - 1 (0 disabled or 1 enabled).

To add RF sensor voice descriptor, press Insert then press the number between 002 and 255 to add a word then press insert to save. More than one word can be added by pressing insert again, then the number. Example, to name the keyfob; one key fob, enter the numbers 161 and 122. Press the down arrow to select fob arm no delay. 0, disable and 1 enabled. Select fob key 4 output 0 - 2. 0 disabled, 1 toggle output and 2 momentary output.

To program another sensor click next. Each key fob that is enrolled uses one of the available for sensors numbers.

To exit programming click skip then end and exit. The panel will take several seconds to reboot after exit.

The 2GIG-Key2-345 operates on one CR2025 lithium battery.

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