How Do I Add a 5800PIR-RES to a Lyric Security System?

The Honeywell Lyric Controller is the latest security system from Honeywell. It supports Honeywell Six series bi directional sensors and also Honeywell's 5800 series devices. To enroll a 5800 series device is different from enrolling a Six series sensor.

To add a 5800 PIR-RES motion detector to a Lyric Controller, enter installer programming by selecting the Security icon then the Tools icon. Enter the installer code. Honeywell’s factory default code is 4112.

Select the Program button from the menu. Once in programming, an orange banner will be across the top of the screen and the panic button will be lit and the Home button will be flashing red and green.

Select Zones. Select New. Select Add New.

Select Serial Number and enter the serial number manually or by auto enroll. To enter manually, enter the 7 digit number found on the side of the motion detector. Select Done, the system will beep and will return to the programming zone screen. To auto enroll, wave a hand in front of the lens of the motion 3 separate times. The first wave will activate the RF mode and the panel will beep once. The second wave will enroll the serial number and the system will beep twice. The third wave of a hand confirms the serial number. Once confirmed the system will beep and return to the programming zone screen.

Select Loop number and select loop number 1.

Select Device Type - select Motion Detector from the list and press Save.

Select Response Type - usually motion detectors are Interior Follower, press Save.

Select Supervision - select Supervised and press Save.

Select Arm Night - Arm Night allows motions to be activated at night in the armed Stay mode. Select Yes or No then press Save.

Press the return icon to exit programming.

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