How Do I Add a Duress Code to the Interlogix Simon XT?

You can add a Duress Code to the Interlogix Simon XT by entering the system's Access Codes Menu and setting up a code in the Duress Slot. There is only one Duress Code Slot on this alarm panel. This means that you can only have one (1) Duress Code set up for an Interlogix Simon XT System.

In order to use a Duress Code effectively, the system must be monitored and connected with a central station. This is because the Duress Code communicates with the central station directly. When you enter the Duress Code at any code entry screen, the system will appear to be operating as normal. But what is really happening is that the system is sending out a silent call for help. A trained operator at the central station will see this alert and know to take immediate action. Of course, if the system is not connected with a central station, then the alert will not be sent anywhere, and no action will occur.

A Duress Code should only be used during a true emergency. If an intruder is holding you hostage and forcing you to disarm the system, you can enter your Duress Code to make it appear as though you are following their orders, but in reality, you have made a discreet call for help. When used properly in a situation like this, it's very possible that your Duress Code could save your life. If you do set up a Duress Code on your system, make sure to let your alarm monitoring company know so that they can update your central station account accordingly. By default, the central station will treat a Duress signal in the same way they would a silent panic or holdup alarm, by dispatching police immediately. Some users may want the central station to try and contact them first upon receiving a Duress signal. Other users may not want any contact attempts, preferring the default method of handling this type of signal. Either way, just make sure that your monitoring provider has a clear understanding of how you prefer that your Duress Code be handled. That way, they can properly relay the instructions to the central monitoring station.

To start using a Duress Code on your Simon XT, you will first need to set it up at the panel. To do this, complete the following steps:

1. Access System Programming. Start from the main screen of the Simon XT. Repeatedly press the Down Arrow until you arrive at System Programming. Press the OK button to continue. You will be asked to provide a code. In this case, the Master Code will work. The Master Code is the main code you use for arming and disarming. The code is set to 1-2-3-4 by default, but most users will change this code for security purposes. After entering the proper code, press the OK button. You will now be in System Programming.

2. Find the Duress Code. The Access Codes submenu is the first available selection you should see in System Programming. If for some reason you don't see it right away, you can try using the Up and Down Arrows to scroll through the different options in programming. But once you see the Access Codes option displayed, press the OK button to select that submenu. You will enter into Access Codes Programming.

You can now scroll through different code slots on the Simon XT. The Duress Code should be the very last code slot, as it comes after the Master Code and all regular User Codes. When the option Duress Code is displayed on the screen, press OK to select it. If there is an existing Duress Code already set up, then it will be flashing on the screen. But if the Duress Code has not been set up yet, then you will just see flashing dashes. Either way, you can now set up the Duress code.

3. Create a Duress Code. At this time, simply enter the desired 4-digit code you want to use as the Duress Code. After keying in the code, press enter to confirm your selection. You can then go on to the next step.

Alternatively, if you ever wanted to delete the Duress Code and no longer have one on the system, then you can go to the screen where the current Duress Code is flashing and press the Disarm button on the panel. This will delete the Duress Code from the system. Obviously, this step does not apply to the creation of a new Duress Code, but it's good to know in case you ever decided to delete this code later.

4. Return to Home Screen. After you have entered the desired Duress Code and pressed the OK button, you can now return to the Simon XT Home Screen. To do this, just repeatedly press the Status button on the front of the panel until you are all the way out of programming.

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