How Do I Add a Hardwire Zone to a DSC Impassa?

You can add a hardwired zone to a DSC Impassa by using an RE508X Universal Wired to Wireless Converter. Up to eight hardwired security devices are able to connect directly with the RE508X. The RE508X will then send a wireless 433 MHz signal to the panel on the behalf of the sensors.

Dsc scw457aatnt front openWhen using hardwired sensors with the RE508X, the sensors are recognized by the Impassa system as wireless sensors. This means that they will take up one of the wireless zones on the system. Additionally, the RE508X itself will take up one wireless system zone. Multiple RE508X devices can be used with the system, but keep in mind that the DSC Impassa will only support a maximum of 64 wireless zones. Also remember that the RE508X will only support normally closed security devices. Normally open or closed life-safety devices cannot be used with the RE508X.

Complete the following steps to add a hardwired zone to a DSC Impassa using an RE508X:

1. Wire to the RE508X. The hardwired devices will need to be wired in directly with the RE508X. This can be done using an 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. A wiring diagram for the RE508X can be found in the device's installation manual.

2. Configure the RE508X. Wire the plug-in transformer to the RE508X. Then plug-in the transformer to the wall outlet to provide power to the device. Adjust the knob on the RE508X to "DSC". This will tell the RE508X to send wireless signals at the 433 MHz frequency, which is compatible with the DSC Impassa.

3. Access enrollment mode. Go to the DSC Impassa. From the main screen, with the system disarmed, enter in the command [*] [8] [Installer Code] [898]. The default Installer Code is 5555. This will put the system into its wireless enrollment mode.

4. Enroll the converter. With the RE508X plugged-in and powered on, and the Impassa in its wireless enrollment mode, activate the tamper cover on the RE508X. The serial number for the RE508X will be displayed on the screen. Press the [*] key to continue. The system will then display the next available zone number. This is the zone that will be used with the RE508X for sensor supervision. Press [*] to continue. Then enter in a Zone Type of 03 for Instant. The system will then ask to test the sensor. Just press [#] to exit.

4. Enroll the sensors. Enter wireless enrollment mode using the process outlined in Step 3. With a sensor wired to the RE508X, fault and restore the sensor to have it recognized by the system as a wireless sensor. The panel should recognize this and display a serial number on the screen. The serial number will be associated with the RE508X. Press the [*] key to continue. The system will then display the next available zone number. While a user can choose to select a different zonne number, the easiest option is to just press the [*] key to continue and use the zone number that was recommended. The user will then choose a Zone Type for the sensor. The Zone Type will determine how the system responds when the sensor is activated. A complete list of Zone Types can be found on pages 44 thru 46 of the Impassa Installation Manual. Press the [*] to continue after entering in a two-digit Zone Type.

5. Test the sensor. The system will then ask to test the sensor. Fault and restore the sensor that is being enrolled. Make sure the system recognizes the fault and restore. Then proceed to the next zone, or press the [#] key to exit and return to the main menu.

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