How Do I Add a Key Fob to an Interlogix Simon XT?

You can add a key fob to an Interlogix Simon XT through System Programming. A key fob can be learned-in with the system by pressing and holding the top two buttons on the device. After learning in the key fob, you must then adjust its settings and configurations so that it works properly.

Complete the following steps to add a key fob to an Interlogix Simon XT System:

1. Enter programming. Start from the main screen of the Simon XT. Keep pressing the down arrow until the screen displays "System Programming". Then press the "OK" button. Then enter the Installer Code for the system. By default, this code is set to 4321. Once you have entered the code, press the "OK" button. You will then enter System Programming.

2. Enroll the key fob. Press the down arrow until the option "Sensors" is displayed on the screen. Then press the "OK" button. The message "Learn Sensors" will be displayed on the screen. Press the "OK" button. The message "Trip Sensor" will be displayed.

Take the key fob and press the lock and unlock buttons on the device. These are the top two buttons on the key fob. The panel will beep, indicating that the key fob was learned in.

3. Configure the key fob. For key fobs, the Group Number should be set to Group Number 1. This sets the device as a fixed panic that can arm and disarm the system. Use the up and down arrows to scroll between different Group Number options. Once the appropriate Group Number is displayed, press the "OK" button. For more information on Group Numbers, please see pages 8-10 of the Simon XT Installation Manual.

You will then choose the name for the key fob. The Simon XT System has a set of pre-included possible sensor names. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through a list of names. Once you have found an appropriate name, press the "OK" button to select it.

4. Exit programming. After you have finished configuring the key fob, repeatedly press the "Status" button until the system returns to the main screen. This will exit programming and save your changes. You can then use the key fob to arm and disarm the system by using its lock and unlock buttons respectively.

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