How Do I Add a Picture to a Honeywell L7000?

There is currently no way to add a picture to a Honeywell L7000. In the past, users could upload a new picture to the panel using the Total Connect service. Unfortunately, this feature was removed from Total Connect, and now it is impossible to add new pictures to a Honeywell L7000 system.

The L7000 is part of Honeywell's lineup of LYNX Touch systems. None of the Honeywell LYNX Touch panels feature a built-in camera. Though it is possible to view the first generation Honeywell IPCAM's through the touchscreen, it is not possible to capture any video on the panel from the cameras. Instead, when the slideshow feature was available, new images had to be added to the system by the user through the Total Connect service. Using Total Connect, a user could upload images from their computer and have them sent to their L7000 panel.

However, Honeywell removed the ability to transfer an image from Total Connect to a security panel. This left all of the LYNX Touch systems, including the L7000, with no way to receive new images. While this usually did not affect any images that were previously uploaded to the L7000, it made it impossible to add a new picture to the system.

The main reason for adding a picture to a Honeywell L7000 was for use with the slideshow feature. This feature allows the panel to display a series of images after the system has been left idle for a predetermined period of time. If the L7000 has existing images, then it is still possible to setup the slideshow feature. However, if the L7000 has no images uploaded, then it will be impossible to use the slideshow feature, as there will be no available images to feature in the slideshow.

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