How Do I Add A Wireless Receiver To The Vista 128BPT?

The Honeywell 5881ENHC is the recommend wireless receiver for the Honeywell Vista 128BPT control panel as it allows the installation of unlimited 5800 series (as many as the control panel will support).

Mount the 5881ENHC in its own plastic housing, otherwise the receiver will constantly report a tamper condition to the control panel.

Select an address for the 5881ENHC receiver, this must be enabled in the system’s Device Programming in the pound (#) menu mode.

Set the DIP switches in the receiver for the address (01-07). Make sure the address setting is not being used by another device (keypad, relay module, etc.). Install a flat-head screw (which is included) in the case tamper tab for tamper protection. If the receiver is pulled off the wall, the tamper tab will break away and remain on the wall. This will activate a tamper switch and send a tamper signal to the control panel (a signal will also be sent if the receiver’s front cover is removed).

Connect the 5881ENHC receiver’s wire harness to the keypad terminals 6, 7, 8, and 9. Plug the connector at the other end of the harness into the receiver. Mount the antenna.

The receiver supervisory zone is 8 + 2-digit receiver device address (for example, Device address 05 = supervisory zone 805). A supervisory signal is sent every 45 seconds.

Program a response type (type 05 Day/Night Trouble).

To increase coverage,two identical receivers can be installed. Each receiver must be set for

different addresses (no more than two receivers can be installed).

The 5881ENHC receiver responds to a frequency of 345MHz and has a receiving range of 200 feet.

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