How Do I Add a Working OHD Anywhere Door to

To add a pre-installed OHD Anywhere controlled garage door to, login to the account. Choose to Add an OHD Anywhere Door. Follow the prompts in the integration Wizard and enter the correct credentials for the OHD Anywhere App. The garage door will appear within minutes.

The instructions provided here assume that the OHD Anywhere hardware has already been installed properly, connected to WIFI, and has been working with the OHD Anywhere App. For an OHD Anywhere Compatibility Guide, click here. For the OHD Anywhere hardware install guide, click here. This also assumes you already have the Garage Door and Gate Control service enabled on your account. If you don't, be sure to ask your alarm dealer to enable it for you. For Alarm Grid customers, this is included at no extra charge with our Gold Plan (Self or Full) or higher.

If you are planning to install the OHD Anywhere hardware from scratch, you don't have to go through the steps to create an OHD Anywhere Account, or download their app. The full setup, including connecting the OHD Anywhere device to WIFI, and then creating an account can be done through Work with your alarm dealer to complete an installation from scratch. These instructions are for someone who has already been using the OHD Anywhere app, and wants to consolidate security and garage control into a single app.

To Add an OHD Anywhere Device Using the Customer Website, Follow These Steps
  1. Login to Login to the account you plan to integrate the OHD Anywhere with using a compatible browser. Complete any Two-Factor Authentication required.
  2. Go to Devices. From the left side of the screen, click Settings > Manage Devices > Add Device (top right) > Garage Door > OHD Anywhere:

  3. Enter login credentials. After clicking "Next" you'll be taken to a login screen for OHD Anywhere. Using the same Email and Password that you've been using to log into the OHD Anywhere App, login via You'll be prompted to "Authorize". Once you do, it may take several minutes before the integration is completed and the garage door shows up in your account.

To Add an OHD Anywhere Device Using the Customer Website, Follow These Steps
  1. Login to the app. Login to the appropriate account using the iOS or Android app. Complete Two-Factor Authentication if enabled. In order to be compatible, iOS devices must be on Firmware 8.0+, Android devices must be on Firmware 2.1+, and the Mobile App must be on version 4.10.4+. The current version of the OHD Anywhere mobile app is also required. These requirements are only for integrating a pre-installed OHD Anywhere kit.
  2. Navigate to Add Garage Door. Click the Menu icon in the upper left. Scroll down and click on +Add Device > Garage Door:

  3. Complete the integration. Choose the OHD Anywhere option. Click "Next". Your device will prompt you with the fact that " Wants to Use to Sign In". Choose "Continue" if you want to allow the integration. On the next screen, use the same credentials used to login via the OHD Anywhere App to login to the integration through It may take a few minutes for the integration to complete and for the garage door to show up in

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