How Do I Add Additional User Codes to an Interlogix Simon XT?

You can add additional user codes to an Interlogix Simon XT through System Programming. In order to access this menu, you will need to know the current Master Code for the system. Up to eight user codes for arming and disarming the panel can be programmed with a single Simon XT System.

Complete the following steps to add additional user codes to an Interlogix Simon XT:

1. Enter programming. From the main screen of the Simon XT System, keep pressing the down arrow until the option "System Programming" is displayed. Then press the "OK" button. You will then need to provide the current Master Code* for the system. The default Master Code for a Simon XT System is 1234. Press the "OK" button once you have entered in the Master Code. This will take you into the System Programming Menu.

2. Add user codes. The option "Access Codes" will be displayed on the screen. Press the "OK" button. The current Master Code will be displayed. If you wish to change the Master Code, press "OK" the current Master Code will begin blinking. Enter the new four digit code. Press "OK" when complete. You'll notice the code stops flashing.

The system will support eight additional user codes. These user codes are numbered 1 through 8. By default, these codes are vacant, which is indicated by the blank code, "----". To add a user code, use the up and down arrows to scroll to the user code number that you want to add. With that user code number displayed, press the "OK" button. The "----" will begin blinking, indicating that the code can be entered. Enter in the desired 4-digit code. Then press the "OK" button to confirm. The code will stop blinking, indicating that it has been entered. Repeat the process for any additional user code you wish to add.

3. Exit programming. Once you have finished adding user codes, repeatedly press the "Status" button until you return to the main screen. Any changes that were made to the user codes will be automatically saved.

4. Test the codes. You can test any new user codes by using them to arm and disarm the system. If you can successfully arm and disarm the Simon XT System using the new code, then it was programmed correctly.

*If you enter System Programming using the Dealer Code or the Installer Code, you will see two additional codes above the Master Code. By default, the Dealer and Installer codes are both set to 4321. We recommend leaving both of these codes set to their default to prevent yourself from being locked out of programming later. However, since the Dealer and Installer Codes can be used to add or edit other codes, this can present a security threat if the system is ever left disarmed.

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