How do I add hardwired zones to Lyric Security System?

The Honeywell Lyric controller is a self-contained security system as well as a robust automation controller that speaks with Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats for integrated control. The alarm panel is designed to interact with up to 128 wireless security sensors (5800 and SIX series sensors). However the panel does offer two hardwired security zones located inside the touchscreen display keypad. They are allocated to zones 1 and 2 and each zone can be set as Normally Closed (NC), Normally Open (NO) or EOLR (end of line resistor). The wired zones are designed for burglary protection, not heat, smoke or CO.

Traditionally, a Form A door/window contacts are used on these zones. They can be landed directly on the panel and set to NC in programming. If you want to supervise the wire runs you can land the included 2K ohm resistor in series at the last sensor. Then set the zone to EOLR in programming. You can wire several NC devices in series. Just keep in mind, all devices in that loop will report as a single zone. When wiring the sensors to the Lyric controller, there is a shared ground so you should land one leg on HWZ1 or HWZ2 terminal and the other on the GND terminal between the two.

Just like any other wireless zone, the wired zones can be setup to report to a central station and chime and voice annunciate faults on the Lyric's speaker. Wired contacts are a great way to use existing wired devices and protect steel doors that often interfere with the RF signals. For the most part, the Lyric is designed to integrate wireless security sensors and Z-Wave devices but it is nice that Honeywell added another wired zone when comparing it to the LYNX Touch series alarm systems. As we all know, sometimes wiring a sensor is the best thing to do. With the Lyric, Honeywell has truly covered all their bases.

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Hi, You wont be able to wire those to the Lyric, however you could use a listening device to pick up the sound of the smoke alarm. The device is called the FF345:
Just a follow up on this Sterling, with hardwired and connected (as per NFPA) smoke detectors, is it possible to integrate with Honeywell Lyric for monitoring? I've got 5 in the house that are all wired together.
It's very possible that you have life safety smokes that are installed per NFPA code that aren't tied into the system. Are you able to email with some pictures of your wiring cabinet and your smoke detectors (the smoke head and the inside with the head removed)? Also, are the wires in the wiring cabinet labeled in any way now?
Well, I think I am a little confused. I see 20 wires in my wiring cabinet, 7 4-wire (red), and 13 2-wire (white). I am not sure now if the smoke alarms are wired, since I pulled one down and the only wiring it had was power. I also count 9 smoke alarms. I guess I need to get my hands on the wiring diagram from the builder.
How many wired smoke detectors do you have in the home?
We do include Honeywell's Advanced Protection Logic (or APL and explained at ) with the Silver plan so installing at the entry door shouldn't be a concern. We look forward to working with you soon.
It depends on when you schedule your activation. I would recommend signing up in advance and then you can schedule your activation. You can always schedule it when you think you will be ready and adjust it on our website if the timeline changes. You can sign up here when you're ready:
I decided I'm going to place the Lyric Control Center in the main level (next to garage entrance), I will later add a keypad for our bedroom. My plan is to go with your silver monitoring ... I don't need images sent or video surveillance. Once everything is installed, how quickly could I get up and running with you guys? The 5800c2w will be here any day now and i will get started on the wiring. I should have the Lyric Control Panel on Monday. I ordered a bunch of other items from you guys today (motion, siren, batteries, etc), that I hope will be here mid next week to finish the installation. Thanks so much for your help.
Hi, I am trying to decide whether to get the Lyric or stick with a wired Vista system for my house. The house has wired sensors and smoke detectors, but no controller. I want to get the Lyric, but how do I monitor the smoke detectors since the 5800C2W does not support them short of replacing them with wireless versions?
No, unfortunately there has been no updates on a SiX version of the 5800C2W yet. They've been slow to release new SiX devices so far so it might be awhile until one is released. You can certainly use the existing 5800C2W in the mean time though. As for the panel/keypad placement, are you planning to get full central station service as that will hep me give a proper recommendation.
Hi Sterling, has the takeover model of the 5800C2W come out yet (I'd imagine so because your comment was two years ago)? My home is pre-wired but has no security system. I was planning to purchase the 5800C2W and then utilize the Lyric as a control panel (I will need to add 3-4 wireless sensors initially, but could end up adding another 15 if I decide to cover every window on our third level). Last question, I have two spots pre-wired for a panel (garage entrance and Master Bedroom), would it make sense for the Lyric to be in the garage entrance and then a LKP500 Wireless Keypad for the bedroom? Thanks so much for your help!
Smokes and CO detectors require power, and the zone on the Lyric has no Current available to speak of, and there is no auxiliary power output on the panel, so it would be difficult to do it anyway, but I imagine it has something to do with the hardwired zones not meeting standards, either UL or ETL, for Life Safety devices.
don't understand the rationale for this, why is it not allowed?
Yes, both the Lyric and 2Gig systems would require some level of monthly service to remotely control the system and receive text/email alerts. With the Honeywell Lyric, running on WIFI only, you could get that service for $10/month with our Self Bronze plan. The 2Gig panels use cellular communicators so you'd need to be on at least the Self Gold plan for $25/month (which includes the cellular data charges). Both systems can receive inputs from wireless security sensors. The Lyric supports Honeywell's 5800 Series and SiX Series RF devices. The 2Gig panels support the 2Gig RF sensors and the Honeywell 5800 Series sensors. Both systems can control Z-Wave devices (lights, locks and thermostats) but can't receive inputs from Z-Wave sensors (motions, door/window contacts, etc). I'm not familiar with any way to integrate a wired sensor into a Z-Wave device that could activate a retail home automation system like the Vera.
The system won't allow you to do it. You can't program the hardwired zone for Fire or Carbon Monoxide.
why is it not recommended to use the hardwired zones for smoke detectors?
So I have an old DSC that has hardwired zones and my wife wants all 18 windows we have downstairs monitored (in addition to the 4 doors). In addition, we would like to use an app to arm and disarm the system and add Z wave devices as they become relevant to our household needs. I would also like to monitor the system myself, I dont necessarily need a monitoring company. In order to use an app with either the Lyric or 2Gig system, I would still need to pay the ~$10 a month in order to have that functionality, correct? Would I then be able to add z wave devices at my leisure and control them through the lyric or 2Gig app? is there any other way to convert the hardwired zones to zwave so i can monitor them through vera lite? i hope all this makes sense
Yes, you can use multiple 5800C2Ws on one wireless Honeywell system to get support for more than 9 wired zones.
how about more than one 5800c2w for more hardwired zones? i have over 15 windows i would like to monitor and not have to buy bulky wireless sensors for thanks
Thanks Sterling !
Yes, the 5800C2W has been tested and works with the Lyric.
Hi Sterling - were you able to verify if the 5800C2W works on Lyric ?
The Lyric supports 2 hardwired zones with no additional hardware needed. As it supports 5800 Series sensors, I would imagine a 5800C2W would work as well but we haven't tested that yet. If it does work, those zones obviously wouldn't be encrypted like the Six Series wireless devices and we do know Honeywell intends to make a takeover module for converting wired to wireless on a Lyric so I imagine that will be an encrypted version of the 5800C2W.
Sterling, can you use a 5800C2W to add hard wired zones to a Lyric? Thanks- Eric

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