How do I add hardwired zones to Lyric Security System?

The Honeywell Lyric controller is a self-contained security system as well as a robust automation controller that speaks with Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats for integrated control. The alarm panel is designed to interact with up to 128 wireless security sensors (5800 and SIX series sensors). However the panel does offer two hardwired security zones located inside the touchscreen display keypad. They are allocated to zones 1 and 2 and each zone can be set as Normally Closed (NC), Normally Open (NO) or EOLR (end of line resistor). The wired zones are designed for burglary protection, not heat, smoke or CO.

Traditionally, a Form A door/window contacts are used on these zones. They can be landed directly on the panel and set to NC in programming. If you want to supervise the wire runs you can land the included 2K ohm resistor in series at the last sensor. Then set the zone to EOLR in programming. You can wire several NC devices in series. Just keep in mind, all devices in that loop will report as a single zone. When wiring the sensors to the Lyric controller, there is a shared ground so you should land one leg on HWZ1 or HWZ2 terminal and the other on the GND terminal between the two.

Just like any other wireless zone, the wired zones can be setup to report to a central station and chime and voice annunciate faults on the Lyric's speaker. Wired contacts are a great way to use existing wired devices and protect steel doors that often interfere with the RF signals. For the most part, the Lyric is designed to integrate wireless security sensors and Z-Wave devices but it is nice that Honeywell added another wired zone when comparing it to the LYNX Touch series alarm systems. As we all know, sometimes wiring a sensor is the best thing to do. With the Lyric, Honeywell has truly covered all their bases.

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