How do I Program a Honeywell 5877 to My Lyric Controller?

The Honeywell 5877 is wireless garage overhead door relay that is purchased in the form of the 5877GDPK. The GDPK includes the 5877 relay and the Fortrezz SSA-1 Z-Wave siren/strobe. The siren is included for liability purposes and does not need to be involved if you already have sensors along the bottom of your garage door. The 5877 is not Z-Wave. Instead it uses Honeywell's proprietary RF technology. Although this relay is "wireless" back to the Honeywell Lyric™ Controller it does still require a local patch wire to the garage motor. For this reason we recommend mounting it up near the motor so you can run a short wire to the motor. The 5877's LED may be helpful to determine the current status of the alarm system when you enter the garage. See the chart below for details:

When installing the 5877 you need to run two wires from the relay's common (COM) and normally open (NO) terminals to the motors control terminals. These can be easily identified by tracing the wire connected to the wall mounted control button. After these connections are made the relay can be powered up by connecting the transformer to the ceiling mounted receptacle. Leave the cover off for enrollment.

In the Automation section on the Lyric Controller's home screen there is a "Garage Door Setup" icon after you press the down key. First choose a garage door and press assign device. Click the serial number field and manually enter the serial number listed in small writing on the backplate and the board of the 5877. After the relay is powered press the learn button to test the relay. Feel free to do this before wiring to the motor for dry testing. Now you can include the siren/strobe if you wish.

There are 4 garage doors and each map to a specific security zone (zones 127-130). Garage door 1 links to 127, door 2 to 128 and so on. Set these to "garage door" as the device type and choose "garage" as the response type if you want the sensor to activate the alarm. If you simply want notifications from Total Connect or local alerts at the keypads assign it to "garage monitor." Make sure to properly align the zone number with the garage door relay. Chime tones can be customized and the sensor can be set to report alarms to a central station or remain local. If this is a 5822T garage tilt sensor remember to assign loop 3 and mount the device on upper center section of the door with the arrow facing up.

If the relay is properly enrolled and the garage door sensor is assigned to the proper zone now the door can be controlled from the Lyric. The open and closed status should update after commands are executed under "garages" in the automation section. Total Connect 2.0 is required if you are looking for remote access to the garage motor and/or custom alerts to notify via text, email or push notifications when the door is open, closed or left open. Remind your alarm company to add TC automation services so you can integrate the garage door!

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