How Do I Add Light Switches to My Lyric?

You can add light switches to your Lyric by pairing them with the system's Z-Wave network. Most Z-Wave light switches will work with the system. You must exclude the Z-Wave light switches from the network before you can include them. The devices can be used with smart scenes once paired.

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Please note that you will want to exclude a Z-Wave light switch before attempting to include it. Even if the device is brand-new, it may have been previously paired with a Z-Wave network for factory testing purposes. Excluding a Z-Wave device first will always ensure that it can pair successfully.

Complete the following steps to add a light switch to your Lyric:

1. Enter exclusion mode. Start from the main screen of the Lyric System. Choose Automation. Then press the down arrow on the right side of the screen. Then choose Tools, followed by Exclude Devices. The Lyric will enter into its Exclusion mode.

2. Clear the device. Activate the inclusion function on the Z-Wave light switch. Most of these devices have a button for this purpose. It may be on top, or it may be beneath the battery cover. Refer to its instruction manual for more information. You may need to bring the light switch close to the Lyric for the command to go through. The panel should display a message once the device has been excluded.

3. Pair the device. Back out to the previous screen. Choose Include Devices. The Lyric will enter into its inclusion mode. Then activate the inclusion function on the Z-Wave switch in the same way that you did in the previous step. Again, you may need to bring the device close to the Lyric System. The panel should display a message stating that a device has been added. You can then give the device a name if you want. The light switch will now be successfully paired with the system.

4. Return to main screen. Repeatedly press the return arrow in the upper-right corner until you have returned to the main screen. If you have Total Connect 2.0, you will be able to create smart scenes involving the light switch after a panel sync has been performed.

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