How Do I Add the ADC-V522IR to My Account?

You can add the ADC-V522IR to your account by pairing it with a network and then following the needed steps through the website. may push down a firmware update to the camera to complete the process. You must have an active ADC account with video functionality.

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Complete the following steps to add the ADC-V522IR to your account:

1. Connect to a network. Like all ADC Cameras, the ADC-V522IR must be connected to the internet before it can communicate with Most users will do this through a WIFI connection that is established using a WPS setup. However, the camera will also support connectivity through ethernet or an access point. The included instruction manual for the ADC-V522IR outlines the steps for all of these connection methods. If you are using a WIFI connection, this helpful FAQ, outlines the complete process. Continue to the next step once the LED light on the camera is solid green, indicating that it is connected with a network.

2. Access To add the camera, you must navigate to the add camera option on You can do this by going to and logging into your account. Please note that you must have video services enabled for your account to access this page. You must use the website to complete this process rather than the Mobile App.

3. Provide the MAC address. You will need to provide the MAC address for the camera to pair it with your account. The MAC address for the ADC-522IR is a 12-digit code of letters and numbers found on the back of the camera. The MAC address in the picture below is covered in orange, but it shows the location. Do not confuse it with the other code, which is covered in purple.

The MAC address can be entered into the following field on the page:

4. Complete the pairing. If the MAC address was entered correctly and the camera is successfully paired with the network, should locate the camera. You can then complete the pairing process. Provide a name for the camera. In this case, we chose "testing camera". Verify that the MAC address and the local IP are both correct. The camera might need a firmware update before it can pair with ADC. This is perfectly normal when pairing a new camera. Press the blue "Install" or "Upgrade & Install" button to continue.

If an upgrade is performed, it will take a few moments for the information to be forwarded to the camera. You will see the following bar:

Once complete, should indicate that the camera was paired successfully. You will then be able to view the live feed for the camera from

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