How Do I Add User Codes To A Honeywell Lyric Gateway?

The Honeywell Lyric Gateway supports a total of 48 user codes. Included in the total number is the installer code, the master code, a guest code and the duress code.

The master user code is needed to add a user code to the Lyric Gateway (Honeywell’s factory default Master code is 1234).

The Lyric Gateway has a built-in Ethernet or WIFI communicator, which, when connected, allows you to use the MyHome Gateway app, a free app provided by Honeywell in both the Apple App Store, and the Android Google Play Store. MyHome Gateway acts as a touchscreen user interface, to allow control of the Lyric Gateway. To see how to configure the MyHome Gateway App to your Lyric Gateway, click here.

To add a user code to the Lyric Gateway, press Security on the MyHome Gateway Home Screen > Tools > enter the master code > select Users. This will bring up the user code screen. The user code screen will auto display the master, guest and duress. The bottom of the screen will display Edit, Add New and Delete > press Add New. A new screen will appear providing 4 boxes; name, the 2 digit user number, user code and Z-Wave lock control. The Lyric Gateway will auto assign a user name duplicating the user number. Press the Name box and key in the user name > press the user code box and enter a 4 digit user code. The user code cannot be the same code that is already being used by another user. If there is a Z-Wave door lock learned into the Lyric Gateway panel only the master user can authorize another user to unlock or lock the door, press the Z-Wave Lock Control box and select yes or no. Press Save.

The master code can reassign a user code to someone else by going into the user code screen, selecting the name > press Edit > press name > type in new name > press Save. However, changing the name continues to allow the original person to arm/disarm the system using the four digit code so it’s better to delete the code if the original user should not have access.

To delete a user > enter the user code screen > select the user name to be deleted > press delete > confirm deletion by pressing Yes.

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