How do I program a Lyric Gateway Controller?

The Honeywell Lyric Gateway is their newest all-in-one panel, which supports monitoring of both 5800 series and SiX Series wireless security devices, built-in Z-Wave support, built-in Ethernet or WIFI communication to Total Connect 2.0 and/or Central Station, and the ability to add an AT&T, Verizon, or Rogers (Canada) cellular back up for dual path communication. The Gateway has a touch screen keypad layout, which is more rudimentary than that of the Lyric Controller, and instead relies on the free “MyHome Gateway” app, used on a Smartphone or Tablet as a touch screen interface.

Programming of the Lyric Gateway is achieved through the AlarmNet 360 web page, or app, and needs to be performed by the security dealer. Some settings can be reached through “MyHome Gateway” but since only the master code has access through this app, the settings that can be edited are limited to Users, Network settings, Walk Test, Comm. Test, Reboot, Install Cellular Module, Replace Backup Battery, and Update Key Fob Firmware.

The first priority, once the Lyric Gateway has been properly powered up, is to get the network settings configured. The Gateway has an Ethernet port available, so it can be hardwired to the network. Any smart device connected to the same network, via WIFI, can then be used to control it. When a hardwired Ethernet connection is not possible, the Gateway has an AP (Access Point) configuration option, which allows you to connect, setup WIFI network settings on the Gateway, then re-connect from your smart device logged into the proper network. To set the Lyric Gateway up with a WIFI connection, do the following:

  1. Start the Lyric Gateway AP Mode by entering Master Code (default is 1234) + [31]. The Gateway will speak “The System’s Access Point mode activated”. When access point mode is active, the Lyric Gateway broadcasts its own SSID, which consists of OPTGW_xxxx, where xxxx is the last 4 digits of the Gateway MAC Address.
  2. On your smart device running the MyHome Gateway App, go to Settings > WIFI > and look for the SSID described above. The password for this network should be located on a sticker on the Lyric Gateway, along with the MAC and CRC.
  3. Once you’ve connected to the Lyric Gateway’s Access Point, launch the MyHome Gateway App and follow the steps for pairing
  4. On the Gateway, press Master Code + [21]
  5. On the App, a 6 digit code should appear, once it does, enter that code on the number pad of the Lyric Gateway.
  6. When the app comes up, hit Security > Tools > Master Code >Network Config
  7. Press Configure Network
  8. Scan Access Points.
  9. Your SSID should appear, select it and press “Edit”
  10. Press “Key” and enter your WIFI password, then press “Join”.
  11. You’ll see this message, select “Yes”. Doing this will automatically tell the Lyric Gateway to use the configured network for future connections. Be sure to go back to Settings on your smart device, and log back onto the appropriate WIFI network. Follow steps 3 - 5 above to re-enroll the app to the Gateway on the WIFI network.

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