How Do I Bypass a Sensor in Total Connect?

You can bypass a sensor in Total Connect by logging-in to the service, choosing "Sensors", selecting the sensor you want to bypass, and then pressing the Bypass Button to bypass the sensor. When you go to arm the system, the sensor will remain bypassed, and it will not report to the panel.

Bypassing a sensor essentially renders it inactive for the current arming session, without deleting or changing any of the settings and configurations for that system zone. This way, you can arm the system even if a sensor is currently faulted or in a trouble condition. If a bypassed sensor is faulted while the system is armed, it will not report to the panel. This means that it cannot cause any system alarms.

Keep in mind though that sensors that are not bypassed will still respond and communicate with the alarm system as normal. Also remember that a bypassed setting will only go into effect when the system is armed. If the system is disarmed, a sensor will not yet be officially considered bypassed. You must arm the system in order for the bypassed distinction to go into effect.

If you want to bypass a sensor from Total Connect 2.0, complete the following steps:

1. Login to Total Connect. Go to or open the TC2 Mobile App on your Android or iOS device, and login to your Total Connect 2.0 Account. You will need to provide your username and password.

2. Bypass the sensor. Press the "Sensors" button on the main screen of TC2. Then check the box next to the sensor you want to bypass. In our example, the sensor is called "Test Door". Then press the blue BYPASS button. This will provide a bypassed distinction for the sensor during the next system disarm.

3. Arm your system. Navigate back to the main screen of TC2. Confirm that the sensor is listed as bypassed. Then choose Arm Away Bypass or Arm Stay Bypass. This will arm your system with the sensor bypassed.

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