How Do I Change the Batteries on My 5806W3?

You can change the batteries on your 5806W3 by following a set of simple steps. First, remove the 5806W3 from its mounting base. Then remove the old battery. Wait 20 seconds for the device to fully power down, and insert a fresh CR123A lithium battery. Then reapply the device to the base.

The battery in a 5806W3 should last for about three to five years. When the battery in the 5806W3 is low, a message will be displayed on the security panel identifying its zone. Additionally, the red LED light on the device will flash every 45 seconds. Its test switch will also become disabled. When this occurs, the battery should be replaced as quickly as possible. If the battery is not replaced within seven days, the device will begin producing a "chirp" sound every 45 seconds. Pressing the test switch will stop the chirping for the next 12 hours.

Complete the following steps to replace the battery in a 5806W3 Wireless Smoke Detector:

1. Remove the detector from its mounting base. Twist the device counterclockwise to remove it from its mounting base.

2. Remove the old battery. The old battery will be found on the back of the device. Gently remove it from the smoke detector.

3. Apply the new battery. Wait 20 seconds for the device to fully power down. Then apply a fresh CR123A lithium battery in the spot of the old battery. Make sure that the positive (+) and the negative (-) ends of the battery are facing the correct directions.

4. Reinstall the device and confirm power. With the new battery installed, press the back of the detector up against the mounting plate. Turn the device clockwise to secure it to the mounting plate. A soft click will confirm that the smoke detector is secure. A properly working 5806W3 Wireless Smoke Detector will have a green LED light blink every 10 seconds to confirm that it is powered on.

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