How Do I Change the Battery in my Interlogix Simon XT?

You can change the battery in your Interlogix Simon XT by first opening up the panel. Then, locate the backup battery and disconnect it. Remove the old battery from the system, and then connect the new one. You can then put the new battery in place of the old one and close the panel.

Complete the following steps to change the battery in your Interlogix Simon XT:

1. Open the panel. With the system disarmed, locate the screw on top of the panel. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw. Then press down the two tabs on top of the panel. With the two tabs pushed down, you should be able to pull the panel forward and away from the back cover. You will then have access to the inside of the panel.

2. Remove the old battery. The backup battery consists of a large black box inside the system. There should be some tabs holding the backup battery in place. Release the tabs, and pull the battery away from the rest of the system. Then disconnect the black and red power wires from the battery.

3. Add the new battery. Take the new battery, and connect the power wires to its terminals. Remember, the red power wire goes to the positive (+) terminal, and the black power wire goes to the negative (-) terminal. With the wires attached, secure the battery in the tabs so that it remains steady and in place.

4. Close the panel. Push the panel back onto the mounting plate, and make sure that the tabs click into place. The panel should be securely attached to the mounting plate. You can then use a screwdriver to reattach the screw to the top of the panel. Check and make sure that any low battery warnings for the system are no longer present. You may need to power cycle the panel to clear the low battery message. The new battery may also need to charge. The panel will load test the battery in about 4 hours, and if it has a sufficient charge, the low battery message should clear.

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