How Do I Change the Battery on an FG-1625?

There is one instance where a battery might be used with the FG-1625, and that is to test the selected mounting location before permanently mounting the device. In this case, a 9 Volt battery can be used to power the FG-1625 long enough to test it with the FG701 for proper operation.

The mounting location selected should be on the opposite wall or ceiling up to 25 feet away from the protected glass, and at least 6 ½ feet above the floor. The line of sight from the FG-1625 to the protected glass should be unobstructed with no furniture, plants, walls or heavy curtains. Before attaching the FG-1625 glass break to a wall or ceiling, stand at the desired location and use a 9V battery and touch the V plus and the V negative on the FG-1625 glass break. If the 9V battery cannot supply sufficient power, the detector will not operate and the red and green LEDs will flash on/off and a new battery will be needed.

Using 18 to 22 AWG wire, mount the FG-1625 to a wall or ceiling so the microphone has the best line of sight to the protected glass. If ceiling mounted, the end with the hole (micro-phone end) should face the glass being protected.

The FG-1625 has FlexGuard which listens for both high and low frequencies created by the impact of hitting the glass before it shatters. This feature helps in preventing false alarms.

The Honeywell FG-1625 can be used with tempered, laminated, wired, coated and sealed insulating glass. It has 4 sensitivity settings. Sensitivity must be set to match the distance between the detector and the protected glass. Max setting is for 25 feet, Medium for 15 feet, Low, 10 feet and Lowest is for 5 feet.

For accurate testing only a Honeywell FG701 Glass Break tester should be used.

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